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Link Policy

You are free to link to J-GLOBAL except in the following cases:

  • A provider of information posted on the website has requested that the link be removed;
  • The link is from a website containing contents that may offend public order or be considered as morally offensive;
  • Linking may cause mis-understanding concerning J-STAGE's activities;
  • Any use that may damage the image and/or reputation of J-GLOBAL foresight and J-GLOBAL knowledge; any linking that would or potentially could infringe upon the rights of a specific individual and/or organization;
  • Links which give the appearance that contents or information released through the site are a part of the third-party website (For instance, in the case where the whole or a part of a page of this site is linked through a frame or inline frame.)

Also, when linking to assorted pages on J-GLOBAL, please provide source information that clearly indicates that each page is a J-GLOBAL page.
Similarly, when citing a URL (or J-GLOBAL ID) for a destination page, please provide source information that clearly indicates that the page is a J-GLOBAL page URL (or J-GLOBAL ID).
It is not permitted to display “J-GLOBAL” within a frame (this restriction does not apply to a display by API).
Please feel free to use the following banner for your link:

J-GLOBALロゴ:250px×78px PNGフォーマット 51.6KB
250px×78px PNG format 51.6KB
J-GLOBALロゴ:180px×56px PNGフォーマット 44.8KB
180px×56px PNG format 44.8KB
J-GLOBALロゴ:120px×37px PNGフォーマット 37.3KB
120px×37px PNG format 37.3KB

Note that we may (and sometimes do) change the URL of a J-GLOBAL page without notification.

※Governing Language of the Link Policy
The Japanese Link Policy may be translated into other languages for the convenience of the Users of other countries. The language text of the Japanese Link Policy will prevail in the event of a conflict between the Japanese Link Policy and the translated version.