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Terms of Use

J-GLOBAL is an information service managed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (“JST”).
Because those who use J-GLOBAL are deemed to agree to these Terms of Use (“these Terms") please take the time to read them beforehand. Also, please note that JST reserves the right to revise these Terms as it deems necessary.
Also, a user who wishes to use MyJ-GLOBAL service (“MyJ-GLOBAL service”) is to comply with not only these Terms, but also with MyJ-GLOBAL Terms of Use. Similarly, those who partake of J-GLOBAL WebAPI are also to comply with J-GLOBAL WebAPI Terms of Use along with all other terms and conditions for other relevant services.

1. Notes for Use

1-1. The user is to use J-GLOBAL and any information provided via J-GLOBAL (“JST-provided information”) in accordance with these Terms and within the scope of these Terms.
1-2. JST may suspend or discontinue the provision of any or all information via J-GLOBAL without prior notification and as it deems necessary for maintenance, inspection, repair, or any other reason.
1-3. If a user violates these Terms or presents some reason sufficient to doubt its compliance with same, JST may discontinue J-GLOBAL use of that user and take other measures as necessary.

2. Notes for Use of JST-provided information

Unless granted permission by JST otherwise, the user is not to use JST-provided information, either in whole or in part, under any of the following items.
(1) Without regard to medium, JST-provided information may not be published (including that onto a CD-ROM or other electronic medium) or reproduced.
(2) JST-provided information may not be edited, processed, adapted, or otherwise revised.
(3) Whether or not free of charge and without regard to medium, JST-provided information may not supplied, distributed, loaned, or transferred to others. Other restrictions include that it may not be publicly transmitted (a term that includes placing said information in a manner that enables automatic public transmission), redistributed, or permitted for others to use.
(4) JST-provided information is not to be stored on a server or other such device accessible to others.
(5) JST-provided information is not to be searched nor downloaded by automatic means or in heavy volume.
(6) JST-provided information may not be used nor supplied in any revenue producing manner.

3. Prohibitions

With regards to the use of J-GLOBAL or JST-provided information by a user, JST prohibits any and all of the following actions. If the user carries out such actions, JST may, without prior notification, eliminate that actions and take other measures as necessary.
(1) Infringement or suspected infringement of intellectual property rights, privacy, or other right of a third party by use of J-GLOBAL.
(2) Actions that entails the use of JST-provided information to harm another party or cause distress, disadvantage or the like through slander or a sullying of that party's honor or reputation.
(3) Removal, concealment or modification to any indication of patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights displayed or contained within any JST-provided information.
(4) Using J-GLOBAL in a manner or with a method that violates any law, cabinet order, regulation, ordinance, or other provision or the like established by either the national government or JST.
(5) Actions feared to potentially impair JST's provision of the service or to otherwise interfere with JST's operations.
(6) Any other actions deemed by JST to be inappropriate with regards to use of J-GLOBAL.

4. Surveys and Questionnaires

Users are expected to cooperate with surveys, questionnaires, and other such projects advanced by JST in relation to J-GLOBAL.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5-1. Copyrights on information publicly disclosed on J-GLOBAL remain with the providers of such information, including JST.
5-2. All rights pertaining to the website, including edit rights for its overall layout/design and copyrights for any related systems, are the property of JST and/or parties designated by JST.
5-3. Intellectual property rights and all other rights relating to JST-provided information and to the website are retained by JST.

6. Disclaimers

6-1. JST is not liable for any damages, either direct or indirect, that may result from or be somehow related to the user's use of J-GLOBAL.
6-2. JST provides no assurance of the veracity of JST-provided information, nor of its accuracy, credibility, or utility. Also, JST provides no assurance of the operational continuity/stability of its provision of information and related capabilities via J-GLOBAL.
6-3. JST is not liable for any damages incurred by the user or a third party within any of the following categories.
(1) Any damages produced by an interruption, stoppage or conclusion of J-GLOBAL provision.
(2) Any damages resulting from the contents of JST-provided information or a lack of revision to such information.
(3) Any damages resulting from a fault/failure of J-GLOBAL system.

7. Revisions to these Terms

At its own judgment and discretion, JST may revise these Terms at any time and without prior notification.

8. Damages

If the user causes damage to a third party or JST by its act in violation of these Terms, the user shall be resolve it at their expense and responsibility.
Also, any claim, dispute, or other such issue with a third-party that arises through the user’s use of J-GLOBAL or JST-provided information is to be handled and resolved between that user and the third-party, without involving JST in any manner.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have primary exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any dispute between the user and JST regarding the use of J-GLOBAL service.

10. Governing Language of the Terms of Use

The Japanese Terms of Use may be translated into other languages for the convenience of the Users of other countries. The language text of the Japanese Terms of Use will prevail in the event of a conflict between the Japanese Terms of Use and the translated version.

June 2010 : It was enacted.
April 2015 : It was revised.
March 2016:It was revised.
Japan Science and Technology Agency