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Okada Minoru

オカダ ミノル | Okada Minoru
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Papers (9):
  • Koji OSAKI, Moe SUZUKI. The relationship between the understanding of structure and evaluation of sequential landscape targeted at walking trail of coastal forest and conservation and management of coastal forest. The Research Institute of Commerce Senshu University. 2018. 49. 8. >1-25
  • オカダ ミノル. The Relationship Evaluation of Management Tasks and Images of Coastal Forest: The Basic Research Leading Companies to Enter Coastal Forest Management. International Conference on Business Management, Journal of Management Science. 2015. 6. >17-22
  • オカダ ミノル. Evaluations of the landscape of premises forest for use of tourism based on image research and analysis of element of landscape structure: Case study of Bise, Motobu Town, Okinawa Prefecture. Japan Association for Business Administration, The Journal of Business Administration. 2015. 10. >1-13
  • Eiichiro IWAO. The basic research aimed at preparing desirable flow diagrams based on the structure and evaluation of landscape on the campus. Institute of Information Science, SENSHU University. 2015. 84. >23-35
  • Masakazu OKZAKAI, Shiori KITAMI. The proposal of tourism with coal mine heritage for the regional improvement in Sorachi region, Hokkaido: based on the data analysis about the legacy of the coal mine and confectionaries. The Journal of Business Administration. 2014. 9. >85-101
MISC (2):
Books (3):
  • 統計学への招待-大学生・社会人に必要な知識-
    税務経理協会 2018 ISBN:9784419065133
  • 北海道の森林
    北海道新聞社 2011 ISBN:9784894536227
  • 災害に強い沖縄を目指して
    琉球大学沖縄県における地域防災力向上に関する研究プロジェクトチーム 2011
Lectures and oral presentations  (10):
  • 地域住民による海岸林の多面的機能およびイメージ評価からみた今後の海岸林保全の方向性の把握
    (平成27年度日本海岸林学会金沢大会 2015)
  • The Basic Research Aimed at Introducing the CSR to the Management of the Coastal Forest: The Relationship Evaluation of management tasks and Images of Coastal Forest
    (ICBM2015 in Vietnam 2015)
  • Fundamental Study for Utilizing Evaluation of Landscape for Sightseeing Business: Case Study of the Scenery from Monorail’s Window at Okinawa Prefecture
    (ICBM2014 in Australia 2014)
  • The propoosal of tourism with the legacy of the coal mine for the regional improvements in Sorachi district, Hokkaido: by the data analysis about the legacy of the coal mine and sweet goods
  • 沖縄県石垣島を事例とした海岸林の多面的機能の評価と住民意識
    (平成25年度日本海岸林学会大会 2013)
Education (3):
  • 1998 - 2003 Hokkaido University
  • 1996 - 1998 Yamagata University
  • - 1996 Yamagata University
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(農学) (北海道大学)
Awards (1):
  • 2012/10 - Outstanding Research in Coastal Forest
Association Membership(s) (9):
経営数学会 ,  日本地域学会 ,  Japan Association for Business Administration ,  Japan Commercial Science Academy ,  Japan Institute of Tourism Research ,  Rural Development Planning Commission ,  Japanese Society of Coastal Forest ,  Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture ,  The Japanese Forest Society
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