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ノムラアキオ | NOMURA AKIO
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor Emeritus
Papers (19):
  • T. D. Kawahara, C. S. Gardner, A. Nomura. Observed temperature structure of the atmosphere above Syowa Station, Antarctica (69 degrees S, 39 degrees E). JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES. 2004. 109. D12. -
  • B. Burns, T. D. Kawahara,W. J. R. French, A. Nomura, A. R. Klekociuk. A comparison of hydroxyl rotational temperatures from Davis (69 degrees S, 78 degrees E) with sodium lidar temperatures from Syowa (69 degrees S, 39 degrees E). GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS. 2003. 30. 1. 1025
  • T. D. Kawahara, T. Kitahara, F. Kobayashi, Y. Saito, A. Nomura, C. Y. She, D. A. Krueger, M. Tsutsumi. Wintertime mesopause temperatures observed by lidar measurements over Syowa station (69 degrees S, 39 degrees E), Antarctica. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS. 2002. 29. 15. 4-1~4-4
  • Sodium Temperature Lidar Measurements of the Antarctic Mesopause Region at Syowa Station in 2000. Optical Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere(Technical Digest, OSA). 2001. 131-133
  • T. D. Kawahara,T.Kitahara, F. Kobayashi, M. Tsutsumi, Y. Saito, A. Nomura. First Mesopuase Temperature Measurements Using Sodium Lidar Observations in the Antarctic Region. Adv. Polar Upper Atmos. 2001. 15. 23-31
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