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Shi Jie

Shi Jie
Research field  (3): Education - general ,  Linguistics ,  English linguistics
Research keywords  (5): Teacher Training ,  Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism/Multilingualism, World Languages ,  English for Specific Purposes (ESP)/English for Science and Technology (EST) ,  English for Academic Purposes (EAP) ,  TESOL/EFL (English as a Foreign Language): Curriculum Design, Methodology, Materials Development
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2019 - 2023 科研費(基盤研究(B):工学系の大学院生のためのライティングについての研究
Papers (43):
  • SHI Jie, Jie. Collaborating with disciplinary specialists in developing pedagogical tools for Japanese graduate students of engineering. The JACET International Convention Proceedings: The JACET 60th Commemoration International Convention (Online, 2021). 2021. -. -. 165-166
  • Jie Shi. Teaching the Research Article (RA) Abstract Genre to Japanese Graduate Students of EST. The Annual Report of JACET-SIG on ESP. 2021. Vol. 22. -. 4-13
  • Jie Shi. ESP Creation and Evolution in EFL Contexts from the Perspectives of the Change Theory. JAAL in JACET Proceedings Vol. 3 (http://www.jacet.org/JAAL_in_JACET_Proceedings/JAAL_in_JACET_Proceedings_Volume3.pdf). 2021. 3. -. 38-43
  • Jie Shi, Shin'ichi Hashimoto. Implementation of a Program-wide Online Writing Fluency Training for Japanese Students of EST. The Annual Report of JACET-SIG on ESP. 2019. Vol. 20. -. 13-21
  • DU Jianying, SHI Jie. Taking Needs into Deeds: Application of Needs Analysis in Undergraduate EAP Course Design. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics (中国应用语言学). 2018. 41. 2. 182-203
MISC (4):
  • SHI, Jie. Academic Presentation Course Design for Graduate Physics Students in Japan. ESP 1 Day Conference at Takachiho University. 2018. -
  • SHI Jie, MA Jun. The Need for ESP-Oriented Curricula for non-English Majors at Chinese Universities: The case study of BUPT. Proceeding of the 30th Annual Conference of JAFAE. 2012. 0. 3-6
  • SHI, Jie. Bilingual Literacy Education for Young Children: A Report on A Parent-Run Saturday School. Education Studies. 2002. 44. 273-284
  • SHI, Jie. A Review on "Growing up with Two Languages". International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. 2000. 3. 4. 301-302
Books (2):
  • Language Communities in Japan
    Oxford University Press (OUP) 2022 ISBN:9780198856610
  • ESP/EAP Development and Practices at Chinese Universities: Growing amid challenges (Chapter 10) in Towards a New Paradigm for English Language Teaching.
    Routledge 2019
Lectures and oral presentations  (141):
  • Syllabus design for teaching research English writing and presentation in students' disciplinary domains of science and engineering at the postgraduate level in Japan
    (57th RELC International Conference:Rethinking English Language Teaching and Learning for a COVID-19 Endemic World: Global, Glocal and Local Perspectives 2023)
  • Development of ESAP curriculum for Japanese graduate students of science and engineering
    (The Fifth Conference of JAAL in JACET 2022)
  • Disciplinary specialists' perspectives on the problems and needs of the English abilities of Japanese students of science and engineering
    (The Fifth Conference of JAAL in JACET 2022)
  • Co-developing and co-teaching a graduate school ESAP course with Japanese engineering disciplinary specialists
    (TESOL International Association 2022)
  • Machine Translation-powered multilingual service for government websites in Japan: A sociolinguistic analysis
    (56th RELC International Conference Equitable and Inclusive Language Education: New Paradigms, Pathways, and Possibilities 2022)
Awards (2):
  • 2022/03/22 - TESOL International Association ESP Project Leader U.S.A
  • 2016/11/02 - ESP Project Leader U.S.A
Association Membership(s) (8):
Japan Association for College English Teachers (JACET), Chair of ESP Kanto Chapter ,  Japan Association for College English Teachers (JACET), Steering Committee of Kanto Chapter ,  Japan Association for College English Teachers (JACET), Research Planning Committee of Kanto Chapter ,  Asian Association for ESP (Vice-President) ,  Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) ESP部EAP(学術英語)代表 ,  Japan Association of Asian Englishes (JAFAE) ,  Japan Association for College English Teachers (JACET) ,  Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
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