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HARA Hiroshi

ハラ ヒロシ | HARA Hiroshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (2): Food science ,  General physiology
Research keywords  (6): Nondigestible saccharides ,  Mineral absorption ,  Flavonoid absorption ,  Ether-type phospholipids ,  Gut hormones ,  Nutritional Biochemistry Gastrointestinal Physiology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (11):
  • 2018 - 2019 食後の消化管ホルモン分泌応答や栄養吸収の時空間的解析とその栄養学的意義
  • 2017 - 2019 Study on physiological effects of isomalto-megalo-saccharides
  • 2016 - 2017 Study on sensing mechanism of low-digestible saccharides in nutrient-sensing enteroendocrine cells
  • 2007 - 2010 Development of anti-obese dietary peptides which functions via gut hormone secretion
  • 2002 - Promotive effects of oligosaccharides on flavonoid absorption
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Papers (204):
  • Tanaka S, Trakooncharoenvit A, Nishikawa M, Ikushiro S, Hara H. Comprehensive analyses of quercetin conjugates by LC/MS/MS revealed that isorhamnetin-7- O-glucuronide-4'- O- sulfate is a major metabolite in plasma of rats fed with quercetin glucosides. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. 2019
  • Komatsu Y, Wada Y, Izumi H, Shimizu T, Takeda Y, Hira T, Hara H. Casein materials show different digestion patterns using an in vitro gastrointestinal model and different release of glucagon-like peptide-1 by enteroendocrine GLUTag cells. Food chemistry. 2019. 277. 423-431
  • Ikuta A, Sakurai T, Nishimukai M, Takahashi Y, Nagasaka A, Hui SP, Hara H, Chiba H. Composition of plasmalogens in serum lipoproteins from patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and their susceptibility to oxidation. Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry. 2019. 493. 1-7
  • Pinyo J, Hira T, Hara H. Continuous feeding of a combined high-fat and high-sucrose diet, rather than an individual high-fat or high-sucrose diet, rapidly enhances the glucagon-like peptide-1 secretory response to meal ingestion in diet-induced obese rats. Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.). 2019. 62. 122-130
  • Chen W, Hira T, Nakajima S, Hara H. Wheat gluten hydrolysate potently stimulates peptide-YY secretion and suppresses food intake in rats. Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 2018. 82. 11. 1992-1999
MISC (2):
Patents (15):
  • 351495
  • 3425664
  • 2000-204042
  • 3997114
  • 2006-022003
Books (5):
  • Plasma/Serum Plasmalogens: Methods of Analysis and Clinical Significance.
  • Serum choline plasmalogen is a reliable biomarker for atherogenic status. “Coronary Artery Disease - New Insights and Novel Approaches"
    In Tech - Open Access Publisher 2012
  • Functional Food Peptides for Appetite Control. Study on Developing Appetite-suppressive and CCK-releasing Food Peptides Derived from Dietary Proteins.
    LAP LAMBERT Academic Publising 2012
  • A nondigestible saccharide enhances transcellular transport of myricetin glycosides in rat small intestine. - A newly defined mechanism of flavonoid absorption. ed: Nelson Cho and Susan Almeida “Dietary Fiber and Health”
  • Plasma/Serum Plasmalogens: Methods of Analysis and Clinical Significance. Ed. by GREGORY S. MAKOWSKI “ADVANCES IN CLINICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 70”
    Academic Press (ELSEVIER) 2015
Lectures and oral presentations  (108):
  • Evaluation of Short-chain fatty acid Production in the Cecum of Fiber Fed Rats.
    (International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Food hydrocolloids, Food Hydrocolloid: structures, properties, and functions 1992)
  • 食餌タンパク質による膵外分泌調節機構
    (日本農芸化学会大会シンポジウム 21 世紀の栄養学 1993)
  • 大腸発酵の栄養生理
    (日本栄養・食糧学会北海道支部、日本食品科学工学会北海道支部合同シンポジウム 健康と腸内発酵 1995)
  • 食と健康を科学する
    (市民フォーラム 化学と生物の交わり -21 世紀の豊かな生活を目指して 1995)
  • 食物センイの栄養生理作用-成人病との関連において
    (臨床栄養学会北海道支部特別講演 1996)
Works (2):
  • Oligosaccharides, a functional food to promote calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis.
    2004 -
  • Physiological effects of short-chain fatty acids produced from prebiotics in the colon.
    2006 -
Professional career (1):
  • PhD (Hokkaido University)
Committee career (1):
  • 2010 - Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science Editor
Awards (2):
  • 2004 - 9th John M. Kinney International Award for general Nutrition "Ingestion of water-soluble soybean fiber improves gastrectomy-induced calcium malabsorption and osteopenia in rats."
  • 2002 - Award of Japanese Society of Digestion and Absorption, October 26, 2002
Association Membership(s) (13):
JAPAN MIBYOU SYSTEM ASSOCIATION ,  JAPANESE SOCIETY FOR AMINO ACID SCIENCES ,  Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science ,  Japanese Society of Bioscience ,  Biotechnology ,  and Agrochemistry ,  Japanese Association of Dietary Fiber Research ,  The Japanese Society of Nutrion and Dietetics ,  The Japanese Society of Applied Glycoscience ,  Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology ,  The Japanese Biochemical Society ,  Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology ,  The Japanese Society of Digestion and Absorption
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