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タカハシ ヒロシ | TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Economic statistics ,  Economic policy
Research keywords  (2): Development Economics ,  International Economics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Regional Economic Cooperation in northeast Asia
  • Economic Development and International Trade in China
  • Economic Development and Dynamic Trade Structure Changes in Asia and the Pacific Area
MISC (13):
  • Structure of International Competitiveness by Major Trading Partners of China. The Journal of Tokyo International University, The School of Economics, vol,12. 1995. 12
  • Trade Structure Changes in the Northeast Asia Region-Comparisons between 1985 nad the 1990s-,. The Journal of Tokyo International University, The School of Economics. 1998. 18. 1-23
  • New Phase of Open Policies and Foreign Trade(in China). East Asia. 1998. 368. 36-51
  • (co-author)"An Alternative Interpretation of Industrial Promotion Policy : Lessons from the Mongolian Experience and Implications to the Transitional Economies in NEA". Dynamic Transtition and Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia, East and West Studies series 42, Northeast Asia Development Center, Institute of East and West Studies, Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 1997
  • New Development Strategies and Recent Changes in China's Foreign Trade. Keio Economic Studies. 1996. XXXIII. 1
Books (12):
  • Rethinking Development Strategies in Northeast Asia (co-editor, auther)
    The Sasakawa Peace Foundation 1993
  • Economic and Social Development of China (co-editor, contributor)
    Hito-to-Bunka Publisher 1994
  • Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia : Assesments and Prospect (co-editor)
    The Sasakawa Peace Foundation 1994
  • Development of China's Border Trade and Regional Development Strategies
    Sumio Kuribayashi (ed.), Regional Development in China, Japan External Trade Organization 1994
  • Trade and Industrial Development in Northeast Asia (共編著) [Co-editor, and contributor]
    The Sasakawa Peace Foundation 1995
Works (6):
  • Assesment of Export Processing Zones and Pre-feasibility Study of New EPZ Areas in the Republic of the Philippines
    1981 -
  • Survey of Local and Japanese Joint-ventures and Japanese Corporations for promoting Technology Transfer in Indonesia-Interviews
    1986 -
  • Survey of Local Government lnstitutions and Industrial Corporations for Economic Development Planning and Industrial Development in Bangladesh-Interviews
    1988 -
  • Survey of Major Local Corporations facing the Transitional System Changes in Mongolia and the Russian Far East-Interviews
    1994 -
  • Survey of Japanese Businesses and Joint-veutures in Northeast China-Interviews
    1995 -
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
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