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ワダ シンイチ | WADA SHIN-ICHI
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 助教
Research keywords  (7): Reaction Dynamics ,  Molecular Spectroscopy ,  Photochemical Reaction ,  Chemical Reaction ,  Core-electron excitation ,  Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) ,  Surfaces
Papers (57):
  • S. Wada, Y. Matsushita, and K. Obi. Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of jet-cooled benzophenone ketyl radical. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 1997. 101. 13. 2423-2428
  • S. Wada and K. Obi. Photochemical reaction dynamics of O(1D) with saturated hydrocarbons, CH4, C2H6, and C3H8, under bulk conditions and in van der Waals complexes. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 1998. 102. 20. 3481-3491
  • Ikenaga, E; Isari, K; Kudara, K; Yasui, Y; Sardar, SA; Wada, S; Sekitani, T; Tanaka, K; Mase, K; Tanaka, S. Study of ion desorption induced by carbon core excitation for poly-methylmethacrylate thin film using electron-ion coincidence spectroscopy. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS. 2001. 114. 6. 2751-2759
  • Ikenaga, E; Kudara, K; Kusaba, K; Isari, K; Sardar, SA; Wada, S; Mase, K; Sekitani, T; Tanaka, K. Photon-stimulated ion desorption for PMMA thin film in the oxygen K-edge region studied by Auger electron-photoion coincidence spectroscopy. JOURNAL OF ELECTRON SPECTROSCOPY AND RELATED PHENOMENA. 2001. 114. 585-590
  • Sako, EO; Kanameda, Y; Ikenaga, E; Mitani, M; Takahashi, O; Saito, K; Iwata, S; Wada, S; Sekitani, T; Tanaka, K. Mechanism of ion desorption reaction of PMMA thin film induced by core excitation. JOURNAL OF ELECTRON SPECTROSCOPY AND RELATED PHENOMENA. 2001. 114. 591-596
Books (2):
  • Fundamentals of mass spectrometry
  • Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry 1st Edition - Surface Science and Electrochemistry
    Elsevier 2018 ISBN:9780128097397
Lectures and oral presentations  (22):
  • Core-excitation induced photochemical reactions of benzene derivative SAMs
    (The 5th Japan-Sweden Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy of Organic Materials for Electronic Applications (ASOMEA-V))
  • Soft X-ray photochemistry of surface molecules at HiSOR
    (The 12th Hiroshima International Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation)
  • 内殻励起による結合切断制御の可能性
    (東北大学電気通信研究所共同プロジェクト研究研究会「ナノ構造の形成と物性機能」 2001)
  • Site-specific ion desorption of ester terminated self-assembled monolayers by core excitation
    (International Workshop on Dynamics in Core-Excited Molecules (IWDCEM) 2002)
  • Characteristic bond breaking in methyl ester compounds on surface induced by core electron excitations
    (21st International Conference On Photochemistry (ICP21) 2003)
Association Membership(s) (5):
Japan Society of Molecular Science ,  The Spectroscopical Society of Japan ,  The Chemical Society of Japan ,  The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research ,  The Biophysical Society of Japan
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