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Furuichi Takahisa

フルイチ タカヒサ | Furuichi Takahisa
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Research Scientist
Other affiliations (2):
  • 宮城教育大学  附属環境教育実践研究センター   協力研究員
  • サンシャインコースト大学  サステイナビリティ研究センター   客員上級研究員
Papers (9):
  • FURUICHI T, YANAI S, OKUNO M, GOMI T, TORII M, OSANAI N, HIGAKI D, HAYAKAWA T, MIZUGAKI S, MURAKAMI Y, et al. Shallow landslide and sdubsequent sediment discharge in the Towa sub-catchment. Landslides induced by the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake. 2020. 136-141
  • Takahisa Furuichi, Nobutomo Osanai, Shin-ichiro Hayashi, Norihiro Izumi, Tomoko Kyuka, Yasuhiro Shiono, Tomoyoshi Miyazaki, Tomoya Hayakawa, Norihiro Nagano, Naoki Matsuoka. Disastrous sediment discharge due to typhoon-induced heavy rainfall over fossil periglacial catchments in western Tokachi, Hokkaido, northern Japan. Landslides. 2018. 15. 8. 1645-1655
  • Takahisa Furuichi, Jon Olley, Scott Wilkinson, Stephen Lewis, Zoe Bainbridge, Joanne Burton. Paired geochemical tracing and load monitoring analysis for identifying sediment sources in a large catchment draining into the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon. GEOMORPHOLOGY. 2016. 266. 41-52
  • Furuichi T. Subhollows and scour-fill deposits recording shallow landslide history in the Tomiya Hills, northeastern Japan. Transactions, Japanese Geomorphological Union. 2015. 36. 4. 231-252
  • Takahisa Furuichi, Robert J. Wasson. Caesium-137 in Southeast Asia: Is there enough left for soil erosion and sediment redistribution studies?. JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES. 2013. 77. 108-116
MISC (3):
  • 二ノ宮リムさち, 古市剛久, 下ヶ橋雅樹, 尾崎宏和. エネルギー問題と向き合う環境教育を日本から推進する-国内外の大学院生と教員がエネルギーの地産地消をともに学ぶ試みから-. 環境教育. 2013. 22. 2. 82-89
  • FURUICHI Takahisa, Win Zaw, Lin Sein. O13. Geomorphology, hydrology and sediment transport of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River: Preliminary results(Abstracts of Paper Presented at Fall Meeting of the Union, September 2011). 2012. 33. 1. 89-90
  • 下ヶ橋雅樹, 二ノ宮リムさち, 尾崎宏和, 古市剛久, 谷口紳, 細見正明, 久保成隆, 高田秀重. 農工系大学における現場立脚型環境リーダーの育成. 環境科学会誌. 2011. 24. 6. 556-564
Professional career (1):
  • PhD (The Australian National University)
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