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ツヅキ ハヤト | TSUZUKI Hayato
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research keywords  (4): Forest Mensuration ,  Remote Sensing ,  Airborne Laser Altimetry ,  Airborne LiDAR
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Estimation of forest biomass using airborne laser altimetry
  • Regional forest mensulation using airborne laser altimetry
  • Estimation of regional forest biomass for boreal forests of Canada and Siberia
MISC (22):
  • Timber cruising over extensive forest area with airborne laser altimeter. Proceedings of IUFRO International Symposium on Global Concerns for Forest Resource Utilization. 1999. 746-754
  • Extensive forest leaf area survey aiming at detection of vegetation change in subarctic-boreal zone(共著). Polar Bioscience. 2000. 13. 133-146
  • Regional LAI estimation with airborne laser altimetry for use as GCM boundary condition(共著). Abstr. 3rd Int'l Sci. Conf. on Global Energy and Water Cycle. 1999
  • Wide-range estimation of forest biomass in permafrost zone of Central Siberia. Symposium on the joint Siberian permafrost studies between Japan and Russia in 2000. 2001
  • Carbon budget uncertainty of Siberian boreal forest in global warming. Second international workshop on global change : Connection to the Arctic. 2001
Books (1):
  • Freai Science 2000『Role of forest as a global environmental asset』Field Manual
Works (9):
  • Wide-range estimation of forest biomass in Canadian boreal zone using airborne laser altimetry
    1997 -
  • Timber stock survey in Canadian boreal forest
    1997 -
  • Timber stock survey in Canadian boreal forest
    1998 -
  • Forest biomass survey in Canadian boreal forest
    1999 -
  • Forest biomass survey in Siberian boreal forest
    2000 -
Education (2):
  • - 1998 Ehime University Faculty of Agriculture
  • - 2000 Ehime University Graduate School, Division of Agriculture
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