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Matsubayashi Hisashi

マツバヤシ ヒサシ | Matsubayashi Hisashi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (1): https://sites.google.com/site/matsubayashihisashi/
Research field  (1): Ecology and environmental science
Research keywords  (5): Tropical rainforests ,  Endangered species ,  Mammalogy ,  Wildlife biology ,  Conservation biology
Papers (31):
MISC (17):
Books (15):
  • Grazing and browsing by large herbivores in South and Southeast Asia. pp. 99-120. [In: AHRESTANI, F.S. and SANKARAN, M. (Eds.) The ecology of large herbivores in South and Southeast Asia]
    Springer 2016 ISBN:9789401775687
  • Editorial Supervision of SEKIOKA, H. "New Edition The Dictionary of Forest Science"
    Tokyo University of Agriculture Press 2015
  • Vanishing Wildlife in Tropical Rainforests
    KAGAKU-DOJIN 2015 ISBN:9784759816679
  • Natural Salt-Licks and Mammals in Deramakot: Their importance and why it should be conserved.
    Sabah Forestry Department 2014
  • Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture (Ed.) "New Edition Introduction of Regional Environmental Science"
    Rikoh Tosho 2014 ISBN:9784844608257
Education (5):
  • - 2002 Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • - 2002 Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • - 1997 Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • - 1997 Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • - 1994 Tokyo University of Agriculture
Professional career (2):
  • 博士(理学) (東京工業大学)
  • 修士(理学) (東京工業大学)
Awards (4):
  • 2018/06 - Tokyo University of Agriculture Tokyo Nodai Achievement Award Wildlife ecology and habitat conservation in Bornean tropical rainforests
  • 2008/09 - The Mammalogical Society Japan The Encouragement Prize Conservation ecological study on the mammals in tropical rain forests, South east Asia
  • 2008/06 - Japan Society of Tropical Ecology Kira Prize (The Encouragement Prize) Ecological Study on the mammals in Borneo: Special reference to natural licks
  • 2007/09 - The Mammalogical Society Japan Best Poster Prize Seasonal and daily use of natural licks by sambar deer in a Bornean tropical rainforest
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