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Yoshida Kaori

ヨシダ カオリ | Yoshida Kaori
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (1): Soft computing
Papers (12):
  • Silpani D.C, Suematsu K, Yoshida K. A Feasibility Study on Hand Gesture Recognition in Natural Conversation. 2021 5th IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics, CYBCONF 2021. 2021. 85-90
  • Sirimorok N, As M, Yoshida K, Köppen M. Smart watering system based on framework of low-bandwidth distributed applications (LBDA) in cloud computing. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. 2021. 1263 AISC. 447-459
  • BELANOVÁ Dorota, YOSHIDA Kaori. Hand Position Tracking Correction of Leap Motion Controller Attached to the Virtual Reality Headset. International Journal of Biomedical Soft Computing and Human Sciences: the official journal of the Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association. 2020. 25. 1. 29-37
  • BELANOVÁ Dorota, MACH Marián, SINČÁK Peter, YOSHIDA Kaori. The Concept of Intelligent Space with a Robot. International Symposium on Affective Science and Engineering. 2019. 2019. 1-4
  • Dadkhah S, Koppen M, Sadeghi S, Yoshida K. An Efficient Replay Method to Prevent SURF-Based Face Detection. Proceedings - 2018 5th Asia-Pacific World Congress on Computer Science and Engineering, APWC on CSE 2018. 2018. 18-25
MISC (193):
Patents (3):
  • VR空間画像補正システム、VR空間画像補正方法、及びVR空間画像補正
  • 屋内位置推定用マッピングシステム及び屋内位置推定用マッピングプログラム
  • 屋内位置推定システム
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