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Wakita Minoru

ワキタ ミノル | Wakita Minoru
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Oral medicine
Research keywords  (3): エネメル質の組織発生 ,  歯の比較発生 ,  comparative embryology of teeth
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 魚類エナメル質、石灰化、エナメロイド、破骨細胞、硬組織の吸収
MISC (18):
  • Takahashi S., Nakamura S., Domon T., Wakita M.:Active participation of apoptosis and mitosis in sublingual galad regenaration of the rat following release from duct ligation., J. Mol. Histol. 36:199-205, 2005 Yamamoto T., Domon T., Arambawatta A.K.S.,A・・・. 2005
  • Takahashi S., Arambawatta A.K.S., Domon T., Yamamoto T., Wakita M. : Acinar cell differentiation during regeneration of atrophied sublingual glands of rats following release from duct ligation Hokkaido J. Dent. Sci., 25:322-329,(2004)*. 2004
  • Yamamoto T., Domon T., Takahashi S., Arambawatta A.K.S., Wakita M. : Immunolocalization of proteoglycans and bone-related noncollagenous glycoproteins in developing acellular cementum of rat molars. Cell Tissue Res., 317:299-312,(2004)*. 2004
  • Takahashi S, Shinzato K, Domon T, Yamamoto T, Wakita M: Mitotic proliferation of myoepithelial cells during regeneration of atrophied rat submandibular glands after duct ligation. J Oral Pathol Med 33: 430-434, (2004)*. 2004
  • Takahashi S, Shinzato K, Nakamura S, Domon T, Yamamoto T, Wakita M :Cell death and cell proliferation in the regeneration of atrophied rat submandibular glands after duct ligation. J Oral Pathol Med 33: 23-29,(2004)*. 2004
Books (9):
  • 口腔解剖学
    医歯薬出版株式会社 2009
  • Text Book of Oral Anatomy
    Ishiyaku Publishers Inc. 2009
  • 口腔組織・発生学
    医歯薬出版株式会社 2006
  • Oral Histology and Embryology
    Ishiyaku Publishers Inc. 2006
  • パイロットアトラス:標本で学ぶ口腔の発生と組織
    医歯薬出版株式会社 2003
Works (1):
  • 生体硬組織結晶の発現機構と
    2003 - 2006
Committee career (2):
  • 歯科基礎医学会 常任理事(2000.04~
  • 日本電子顕微鏡学会 常務理事(2001.04~
Association Membership(s) (8):
歯科基礎医学会 ,  日本解剖学会(評議員) ,  電子顕微鏡学会(常務理事) ,  歯科基礎医学会(常任理事) ,  国際歯科研究学会(評議員) ,  口腔病学会(評議員) ,  基礎歯科医学会 ,  日本電子顕微鏡学会
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