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Tsumura Makiko

ツムラ マキコ | Tsumura Makiko
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Art history ,  Aesthetics and art studies
Research keywords  (1): Art History
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • Sasanian coins from China
Papers (4):
  • Hiroyuki Kawanishi, Makiko Tsumura. Archaeological Investigations in the Rumeirah and Mishrifeh Areas. Memoirs of the Ancient Orient Museum. 2014. IV. 317-323
  • TSUMURA Makiko. Scrapes and Countermarks on Sasanian and Sasanian-type Silver Coins. Bulletin of Ancient Orient Museum. 2013. XXXII. 203-214
  • TSUMURA Makiko. Preliminary Report of a Seventh Century Sasanian Silver Drachm Hoard in Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo. Bulletin of Ancient Orient Museum. 2011. XXXI. 175-205
  • TSUMURA Makiko. Roman coins from Tell Mishrifat Haji Ali Issa. Bulletin of Ancient Orient Museum. 2008
Books (2):
  • Excavations at Tell Ali al-Hajj, Rumeilah: A Bronze-Iron Age Settlement on Syrian Euphrates
    The Ancient Orient Museum 2014
  • Fertility Goddess of the Ancient Orient
Lectures and oral presentations  (2):
  • Sasanian Silver Coinage in Central Asia and India
    (International Conference on Iran-India: Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Periods 2013)
  • New Discovery of Sasanian Silver coins from Northern China
    (Iran National Museum 2010)
Works (1):
  • Excavation at Dalverzin Tepe
    1996 -
Education (2):
  • - 1987 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Letters
  • - 1987 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Literature
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