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Toriwaki Junichiro

トリワキ ジュンイチロウ | Toriwaki Junichiro
Homepage URL  (1): http://toriwaki.nuie.nagiga-u.ac.jp
Research field  (4): Intelligent robotics ,  Perceptual information processing ,  Intelligent robotics ,  Perceptual information processing
Research keywords  (3): Image Processing ,  Computer aided diagnosis ,  Medical Image Processing
MISC (16):
  • Yasushi Hirano, Yoshito Mekada, Jun-ichi Hasegawa, and Junichiro Toriwaki: Quantification of the spatial distribution of line segments with the applications to CAD of chest X-ray CT images, in Tetsuo Asano, Reinhard Klette, and Chruisian Ronse eds. :Ge・・・. Morphology, and Computational Imaging(11th International Workshop on Theoretical Foundation of Computer Vision, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany (2002.4)), LNCS2616, Springer- Verlag, Berlin. 2003. 22-38
  • Kensaku Mori, Daisuke Deguchi, Jun Sugiyama, Yasuhito Suenaga, Junichiro Toriwaki, C. R. Maurer, Jr., Hitotugu Takabatake, and Hiroshi Natori : A method for camera motion tracking of a bronchoscope using epipolar geometry analysis and intensity image r・・・. Medical Image Analysis, 6, 3. 2002. 321-336
  • Takayuki Kitasaka, Kensaku Mori, Jun-ichi Hasegawa, and Jun-ichiro Toriwaki: A Method for extraction of bronchus regions from 3D chest X-ray CT images by analyzing structural features of the bronchus. FORMA, FORMA, 17, 4. 2002. 321-338
  • J. Toriwaki and T. Yonekura : Local patterns and connectivity indexes in a three dimensional digital picture. FORMA, 17, 4. 2002. 275-291
  • Junichiro Toriwaki and Tatsuhiro Yonekura : Euler number and connectivity indexes of a three-dimensional digital picture. Forma, 17, 3. 2002. 173-209
Education (4):
  • - 1967 Graduate School of Nagoya Univ.
  • Nagoya University School of Engineering
  • Nagoya University
  • Nagoya University Faculty of Engineering Department of Elochomics
Professional career (1):
  • - (Nagoya University)
Work history (3):
  • 1965 - 2003 Study image processing and computer aided
  • Chukyo University School of Life System Science and Technology, Department of System Engineering of Human Body Professor
  • diagnosis
Awards (2):
  • 2001/01 - IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electoronics Engneers, Inc.)
  • International Association of Pattern Recognition Fellowship
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