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ヨシオカ コウタ | YOSHIOKA Kota
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Algebra
Research keywords  (1): Algebraic Geometry
Papers (13):
  • Kota YOSHIOKA. Moduli spaces of stable sheaves on Enriques surfaces. Kyoto J. Math. 2018. 58. no. 4,. 865914
  • H. Minamide, S. Yanagida, Kota YOSHIOKA. The wall-crossing behavior for Bridgeland's stability conditions on abelian and K3 surfaces. J. reine angew. Math. 2018. 735. 1-107
  • Kota YOSHIOKA. Fourier-Mukai duality for K3 surfaces via Bridgeland stability condition. J. Geometry and Physics. 2017. 122. 103-118
  • Kota YOSHIOKA. A note on stable sheaves on Enriques surfaces. Tohoku Math. J. 2017. 69. 3. 369-382
  • B. Bolognese, A. Marian, D. Oprea, Kota YOSHIOKA. On the strange duality conjecture for abelian surfaces II. J. Alg. Geom. 2017. 26. 475-511
MISC (2):
  • YOSHIOKA Kota. Vector bundles on algebraic surfaces. 第59回代数学シンポジウム報告集. 2014. 54-66
  • YOSHIOKA Kota. Examples of movable divisors on a generalized Kummer variety and an application. 2014 年度代数幾何学シンポジウム報告集. 2014
Lectures and oral presentations  (1):
  • Weak Brill-Noether for the moduli of stable sheaves on a generic K3 surface
    (Algebraic Geometry and Moduli Theory 2019)
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