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Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (1):
Research field  (1): Foreign language education
Research keywords  (1): sociolinguistics, sociocultural theories, L2 academic literacy, cultural contact, language management
Papers (9):
  • Hiroyuki Nemoto, Fumito Hayakawa. The motivations and identities in learning multiple languages: English as a lingua franca and German language acquisition in an intensive study abroad program in Germany. Forum of Language Instructors. 2017. 11. 65-78
  • Hiroyuki Nemoto. Sociocultural Approaches to Computer-Mediated Second Language Acquisition. Studies of Language and Culture. 2015. 19. 1-19
  • Hiroyuki Nemoto. The impact of language-in-education planning on tertiary student exchanges between Japan and Australia. Studies of Language and Culture. 2013. 17. 21-39
  • Hiroyuki Nemoto. The sociocultural approaches to second language acquisition research. Studies of Language and Culture. 2012. 16. 19-38
  • Hiroyuki Nemoto. Noting and evaluating contact between Japanese and Australian academic cultures. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication. 2012. 22. 2. 249-270
Books (6):
  • The development of L2 academic literacy through online intercultural networks,Intersections: Applied Linguistics as a Meeting Place
    Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014
  • The Management of Intercultural Academic Interaction: Student Exchanges between Japanese and Australian Universities
    Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2011
  • “A typology of problems in contact situations” (Hidehiro Muraoka), Language Management in Contact Situations
    Peter Lang 2009
  • Language-in-education planning of student exchanges between Japanese and Australian universities, Studies in Applied Linguistics and Language Learning
    Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2009
  • Negotiation of norms in academic contact situations, Language Management in Contact Situations
    Peter Lang 2009
Lectures and oral presentations  (29):
  • The translingual development of language management competence: Career development beyond study abroad
    (6th International Language Management Symposium 2019)
  • Managing literacy and identities beyond study abroad: A translingual perspective of career development
    (ALAA/ALANZ2019 2019)
  • The development of translingual literacy and identities through study abroad
    (CLaSIC 2018 2018)
  • The management of L2 academic literacy socialization through study abroad
    (Fifth International Language Management Symposium: Interests and Power in Language Management 2017)
  • Exploring identity negotiation and literacy development from a translingual perspective: Japanese university students during and after study abroad
    (The Applied Linguistics Conference (ALANZ/ALAA/ALTAANZ) 2017)
Works (2):
  • The language policy and linguistic landscape in Australia
    2019 -
  • The language policy and language education in Australia
    2016 -
Education (3):
  • - 2005 Monash University Sociolinguistics
  • - 2000 Monash University Applied Linguistics
  • - 1995 Sophia University School of English Literature
Professional career (2):
  • M.A.(Applied Linguistics) (Monash University)
  • Ph.D.(Sociolinguistics) (Monash University)
Work history (2):
  • 2016/04/01 - 2017/03/31 Kanazawa University, Institute of Liberal Arts and Science,Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Professor
  • 2007/04/01 - 2015/03/31 Kanazawa University, Foreign Language Institute, Associate Professor
Committee career (6):
  • 2019/09 - 2019/09 6th International Language Management Symposium Convener
  • 2019/09 - 2019/09 6th International Language Management Symposium 実行委員長
  • 2017/12 - 2018/03 University of Southern Queensland PhD thesis examiner
  • 2017/12 - 2018/03 南クイーンズランド大学 博士論文審査委員
  • 2008/07 - 2008/12 Applied Linguistics Association of Australia Referee
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Awards (1):
  • 2005/08 - Monash University Postgraduate Publications Awards
Association Membership(s) (4):
Society of Language Management in Japan ,  Japan Association for Language Policy ,  The Japan Association for Language Education & Technology ,  Applied Linguistics Association of Australia
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