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ENDO, Toshiya

エンドウ トシヤ | ENDO, Toshiya
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (3): Structural biochemistry ,  Functional biochemistry ,  Cell biology
Papers (134):
  • Tamura Y, Kawano S, Endo T. Organelle contact zones as sites for lipid transfer. Journal of biochemistry. 2018
  • Jores T, Lawatscheck J, Beke V, Franz-Wachtel M, Yunoki K, Fitzgerald JC, Macek B, Endo T, Kalbacher H, Buchner J, Rapaport D. Cytosolic Hsp70 and Hsp40 chaperones enable the biogenesis of mitochondrial β-barrel proteins. The Journal of cell biology. 2018. 217. 9. 3091-3108
  • Kakimoto Y, Tashiro S, Kojima R, Morozumi Y, Endo T, Tamura Y. Visualizing multiple inter-organelle contact sites using the organelle-targeted split-GFP system. Scientific reports. 2018. 8. 1. 6175
  • Endo T, Tamura Y, Kawano S. Phospholipid transfer by ERMES components. Aging. 2018. 10. 4. 528-529
  • Kawano S, Tamura Y, Kojima R, Bala S, Asai E, Michel AH, Kornmann B, Riezman I, Riezman H, Sakae Y, Okamoto Y, Endo T. Structure-function insights into direct lipid transfer between membranes by Mmm1-Mdm12 of ERMES. The Journal of cell biology. 2018. 217. 3. 959-974
Work history (1):
  • Nagoya University Graduate School of Science, Division of Material Science, Division of Material Science,Graduate School of Science,Nagoya University, Professor
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