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Furuta Jun'ichi

フルタ ジュンイチ | Furuta Jun'ichi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://dermatology-tsukuba.org/
Research field  (2): Dermatology ,  Healthcare management, medical sociology
Research keywords  (2): Allergy ,  Ethics in Medical Research
Papers (132):
  • Koguchi-Yoshioka, Hanako, Watanabe, Rei, Matsumura, Yutaka, Ishitsuka, Yosuke, Inoue, Sae, Furuta, Junichi, Nakamura, Yoshiyuki, Okiyama, Naoko, Matsuzaka, Takashi, Shimano, Hitoshi, et al. Serum lactate dehydrogenase level as a possible predictor of treatment preference in psoriasis. JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGICAL SCIENCE. 2021. 103. 2. 109-115
  • Matsumura, Yutaka, Watanabe, Rei, Niijima, Yasuko, Kawakita, Haruka, Furuta, Junichi, Nakamura, Yoshiyuki, Ishitsuka, Yosuke, Okiyama, Naoko, Fujisawa, Yasuhiro, Fujimoto, Manabu. Possible activation of effector B cells during drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome. JOURNAL OF CUTANEOUS IMMUNOLOGY AND ALLERGY. 2021. Epub
  • Nakamura, Yoshiyuki, Ishitsuka, Yosuke, Sasaki, Katsuhito, Ishizuki, Shoichiro, Tanaka, Ryota, Okiyama, Naoko, Furuta, Junichi, Fujimoto, Manabu, Yamada, Takeshi, Fujisawa, Yasuhiro. A prospective, phase II study on the safety and efficacy of negative pressure closure for the stabilization of split-thickness skin graft in large or muscle-exposing defects: The NPSG study. The Journal of dermatology. 2021. 48. 9. 1350-1356
  • Yu, Yue, Watanabe, Rei, Shibao, Kana, Ishii, Yoshiyuki, Nishikomori, Ryuta, Heike, Toshio, Fujisawa, Yasuhiro, Furuta, Junichi. Case of cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome who recovered from growth delay by treatment with canakinumab. The Journal of dermatology. 2021. 48. 2. e98-e99-e99
  • Kessoku, Reiko, Nakamura, Yoshiyuki, Ishitsuka, Yosuke, Tanaka, Ryota, Endo, Ruriko, Watanabe, Rei, Furuta, Junichi, Okiyama, Naoko, Fujisawa, Yasuhiro. Recurrent multiple cutaneous aseptic abscesses with spontaneous regression: An unusual case report. JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY. 2021. 48. 2. e116-e117
Books (6):
  • 最新キーワードで読み解くALL About 皮膚科学
    2019 ISBN:9784779222351
  • 皮膚科トラブル対応テキスト
    2019 ISBN:9784830634680
  • Common Diseaseの病態生理と薬物治療
    2019 ISBN:9784274220708
  • 治療特別編集 認知症でお困りですか?-かかりつけ医のギモンにお答えします!-
    南山堂 2013
  • 薬疹のすべて -エキスパートに学ぶ診療の実際
    南江堂 2008
Lectures and oral presentations  (30):
  • G17V Rhoa Mutation in Circulating DNA Is a Useful Marker for Diagnosis of AITL and AITL-Related Lymphoma
    (57th Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Hematology 2015)
  • 抗がん剤過量投与防止策の実施と7年後の検証
    (医療の質安全学会学術集会 2015)
  • 免疫抑制・化学療法の際のB型肝炎再活性化防止対策の実践とその検証
    (医療の質安全学会学術集会 2015)
  • 患者誤認防止対策の実践とその評価 患者自らが本人確認に協力する文化を院内に根付かせるために
    (第9回医療の質・安全学会学術集会 2014)
  • B-Myb Enhances Proliferation and Suppresses Differentiation of Keratinocytes in Three-dimensional Cell Culture
    (ESDR 2014)
Education (3):
  • 2017 - 2018 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical and Dental Science and Technology Track, Master of Medical Administration (MMA) Course
  • 2001 - 2005 University of Tsukuba Medical Sciences for Control of Pathological Processes
  • - 1998 University of Tsukuba Medical Sciences for Control of Pathological Processes
Professional career (4):
  • 修士(医療管理学) (東京医科歯科大学)
  • Mastar of Healthcare Administration (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
  • 博士(医学) (筑波大学)
  • Ph.D (University of Tsukuba)
Work history (10):
  • 2018/09 - 現在 University of Tsukuba Department of Medical Informatics and Managemant, Faculty of Medicine Assitant Professor
  • 2018/04 - 2018/08 Ministry of Labour and Welfare Medical Advising and Auditing Office, Medical Economics Division, Health Insurance Bureau Medical Advising and Auditing Officer
  • 2016/09 - 2018/03 Ministry of Labour and Welfare Health Sciences Division, Minister's Secretariat Deputy Director
  • 2011/10/01 - 2016/08/31 University of Tsukuba Facutly of Medicine Assistant professor
  • 2006/05/01 - 2011/09/30 University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences Assistant Professor
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Committee career (5):
  • 2020/09 - 現在 医学系大学倫理委員会連絡会議 会員
  • 2020/06 - 現在 日本アレルギー学会 第6期アレルギー疾患ガイドライン委員会アトピー性皮膚炎ガイドライン専門部会副部会長
  • 2020/03 - 現在 日本皮膚科学会 アトピー性皮膚炎診療ガイドライン作成委員会副委員長
  • 2018/09 - 現在 日本皮膚科学会 医療戦略委員会委員
  • 2018/09 - 現在 日本皮膚科学会 倫理委員会委員
Awards (1):
  • 2007/03/01 - Japanese Dermatological Association Reseatch grant for dermatological sciences (Japanese Dermatological Association, contributed by Shiseido)
Association Membership(s) (10):
JAPAN SOCIETY FOR HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION ,  Japan Association for Medical Informatics ,  Japan Society for Healthcare Management ,  European Society for Dermatological Research ,  Japanese Society for Psoriasis Research ,  The Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology ,  日本皮膚悪性腫瘍学会 ,  Japanese Society for Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy ,  JAPANESE SOCIETY OF ALLERGOLOGY ,  Japanese Dermatological Association
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