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Crawford Michael John

クロフォード マイケルジョン | Crawford Michael John
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (3): Education - general ,  Foreign language education ,  Linguistics
Research keywords  (4): 応用言語学 ,  英語教育 ,  Applied Linguistics ,  English Education (EFL)
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • Content-based instruction (内容中心教授法)
  • ELT materials development (英語教材開発)
  • Foreign language teaching methodology (外国語教授法)
  • Content-based instruction
  • ELT materials development
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Papers (2):
  • Michael J. Crawford. Student perceptions of formative assessment tasks in academic listening classes. PanSIG Journal 2018. 2019. 55-62
  • 函館英文学. An investigation into the effectiveness of shadowing in JHS English. Chifumi Miyata, Michael J. Crawford. 2009. 48. 89-102
MISC (39):
  • Michael Crawford. Smartpens as an Aid for Lecture Notetaking. The Language Teacher. 2021. 45. 1. 11-11
  • Michael Crawford. A Preliminary Study on Collaboration in Lecture Notetaking. The Language Teacher. 2020. 44. 1. 10-10
  • Joseph Siegel, Michael J. Crawford, Nathan Ducker, Naheen Madarbakus-Ring, Andrew Lawson. Measuring the importance of information in student notes: An initial venture. Journal of English for Academic Purposes. 2020. 43. 100811-100811
  • M. Crawford, N. Ducker, S. Kojima, L. MacGregor, J. Siegel. Perspectives on note-taking in EFL listening. 2016. 277-284
  • Michael Crawford. Lecture Notetaking: Questions and Answers. The Language Teacher. 2016. 40. 2. 9-12
Books (2):
  • Using online dictation exercises for improving comprehension of English reduced forms (in J-B Son (Ed.), Internet-based language learning: Pedagogies and technologies, pp.75-92); co-authored with J-B Son
    APACALL 2009
  • Regional universities in the global marketplace: The case of HUE (in J. Fegan, M.H. Field (Eds.), Education Across Borders: Politics, Policy and Legislative Action, pp.199-213); co-authored with M.H. Field
    Springer 2009 ISBN:9781402094101
Lectures and oral presentations  (19):
  • How common are reduced forms? A preliminary study
    (全国語学教育学会国際大会 2007)
  • How common are reduced forms? A preliminary study
    (JALT2007 2007)
  • Using authentic materials in JTE teacher training programs
    (全国語学教育学会研究部会共同研究発表会(Pan-SIG) 2006)
  • Pedagogic tasks for university EFL classes: Design, implementation, and evaluation
    (全国語学教育学会北海道支部研究発表会 2006)
  • English education at elementary schools in Japan: Problems and solutions, with a focus on the development of language awareness
    (第1回教育に関する環太平洋国際会議 2006)
Education (6):
  • - 2008 南クインズランド大学 言語教育研究科 応用言語学
  • - 2008 University of Southern Queensland Graduate School, Division of Language Education Applied Linguistics
  • - 1996 オハイオ大学大学院 言語学
  • - 1996 Ohio University Linguistics
  • - 1989 ブラウン大学 中南米地域研究
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Professional career (2):
  • Master of Arts (Ohio University)
  • Master of Arts (Honours) (University of Southern Queensland)
Association Membership(s) (9):
大学英語教育学会 ,  全国語学教育学会 ,  函館人文学会 ,  函館英語英文学会 ,  全国英語教育学会 ,  大学英語教育学会 (JACET) ,  全国語学教育学会(JALT) ,  The Japan Asssociation of College English Teachers (JACET) ,  The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
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