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Oguri Suguru

Oguri Suguru
Papers (32):
MISC (1):
Books (3):
  • Handbook of Glycosyltransferases and Related Genes (Taniguchi, N., Honke K. and Fukuda M. eds.)
    Springer-Verlag, Tokyo, pp.87-93 2002
  • 新・実学の最前線-生命を守る農学-東京農大編
    東京農大出版会 2001
  • 植物資源生産学概論(池田 武,薮田隆治 編)
    養賢堂 2000
Lectures and oral presentations  (59):
  • Comparison of the lectin activities among various tomato cultivars.
  • Floral scent chemistry in Asian skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus renifolius
  • Identification of odor-active compounds released from damaged plant of Asian skunk cabbage Symplocarpus renifolius
  • Recombinant expression of tomato isolectins in heterologous plant host.
    (The 37th Annual meeting of japanese society of carbohydrate research 2018)
  • Identification of lectin genes expressing leaves and tubers of potato plant
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