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Murata Masayuki

ムラタ マサユキ | Murata Masayuki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://www.anarg.jphttp://www.anarg.jp
Research field  (9): Information networks ,  Information networks ,  Information networks ,  Information networks ,  Information networks ,  Information networks ,  Computer systems ,  Intelligent informatics ,  Information security
Research keywords  (20): Cognitive Bias ,  Digital Wellbeing ,  Brain Functional Network ,  Complex Network ,  VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) ,  Remote-controlled robot ,  QoE (Quality of Experience) ,  Evolvable Information System ,  Quantum Decision Making ,  Mobile Network ,  Next-generation Machine Learning ,  Edge Computing ,  IoT ,  Networked Platform ,  Network Architecture ,  System Modeling and Performance Evaluation ,  Optical Network ,  Wireless Network ,  Brain- and Bio-inspired Information Technology ,  Information Network
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (24):
  • 2016 - 2018 Cognitive and self-organizing network architecture
  • 2015 - 2018 Designing and Controlling Information Networks based on Evolution of Evolvability of Biological System
  • 2014 - 2018 Control systems that utilize interaction with environmental fluctuation
  • 2015 - 2017 Energy-efficient Information Dissemination in Delay Tolerant Network
  • 2014 - 2017 Understanding and countermeasures of collective behaviour of users resonating through information networks
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Papers (896):
  • Toshiki Shibahara, Yuta Takata, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Takeshi Yagi, Kunio Hato, Masayuki Murata. Evasive malicious website detection by leveraging redirection subgraph similarities. IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems. 2020. E102D. 3. 430-443
  • Go Hasegawa, Rina Yamasaki, Masayuki Murata. System and application performance of function placement strategies for virtualized mobile fronthaul/backhaul networks. Proceedings of IEEE 23rd Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks. 2020
  • Koki Inoue, Shin'ichi Arakawa, Masayuki Murata. Network resource planning for evolvability in software-defined infrastructure. Computer Communications. 2020. 151. 247-256
  • Taiga Hokaguchi, Yuichi Ohsita, Toshiki Shibahara, Daiki Chiba, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Masayuki Murata. Detecting malware-infected hosts using templates of multiple http requests. Proceedings of IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference. 2020
  • Toshiki Shibahara, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Hirokazu Kodera, Kunio Hato, Daiki Chiba, Ola Söderström, Daniel Dalek, Masayuki Murata. Cross-vendor knowledge transfer for managed security services with triplet network. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. 2019. 59-69
MISC (21):
  • Eum, S., Jibiki, M., Murata, M., Asaeda, H., Nishinaga, N. Self-organizing name resolution system for ICN. Journal of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. 2015. 62. 2. 125-132
  • Masayuki Murata. Goals of R&D on new-generation network project. Journal of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. 2015. 62. 2. 3-5
  • Noise-Induced Virtual Network Topology Control. 2014. 43. 5. 217-222
  • MURATA Masayuki, Masayuki Murata. Perspectives on Ambient Information Networks(Ambient Information Technology). 2013. 28. 2. 194-200
  • OHSHITA Yuichi, ARAKAWA Shin'ichi, MURATA Masayuki. Traffic Matrix Estimation Methods and Their Applications to Routing Optimization. The Journal of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers. 2010. 93. 4. 293-297
Books (10):
  • Nature-Inspired Computing and Optimization: Theory and Applications
    Springer 2017
  • Handbook on Data Centers
    Springer-Verlag 2015
  • Biologically Inspired Networking and Sensing: Algorithms and Architectures
    IGI Global 2011 ISBN:9781613500927
  • Bio-inspired Computing and Communication Networks
    Taylor & Francis Group, CRC Press 2011
  • Bio-inspired Computing and Communication Networks
    Taylor & Francis Group, CRC Press 2011
Lectures and oral presentations  (38):
  • Biologically- and Brain-Inspired Networked Infrastructure
    (The 18th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS 2016) 2016)
  • Green and Smart Data Center Networks based on Optical Packet Switching with Flow Control
    (IEEE Summer Topicals, Photonics in Data Centers 2013)
  • Future Information Network as Large-Scaled Complex Adaptive Systems
    (The 6th International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems/The 13th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems 2012)
  • Future Information Network as Large-Scaled Complex Adaptive Systems
    (International Symposium on Dynamics of Biosystems and Large Scale Information Systems 2012)
  • Analyzing and Modeling Router-level Networks and Its Application to Performance Evaluation
    (IEICE technical report. Information and communication management 2011)
Education (2):
  • 1988 - Osaka University Ph. D
  • 1978 - 1982 Osaka University School of Engineering Science Direct Affiliates
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK) (Osaka University)
Work history (21):
  • 2019/08 - 現在 Osaka University Dean
  • 2017/04 - 現在 Asia Pacific Instutute of Research Vice-Research Director
  • 2016/04 - 現在 Osaka University
  • 2014/04 - 現在 Osaka University
  • 2004/04 - 現在 Osaka University Professor
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Committee career (12):
  • 2012/09 - The 1st International Workshop on Self-managing and Autonomous Networks (SAN 2012 General Chair
  • 2011/06 - IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2011) Workshop Co-Chairs
  • 2009/12 - 2nd International Workshop on the Network of the Future (FutureNet II) General Co-Chairs
  • 2008/11 - 3rd International Conference on Bio inspired Models of Network, Information and Computing Systems (BIONETICS 2008) General Co-Chairs
  • 2008 - The Fourth International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems (ICAS 2008) Chair of Area “SELF: Self-adaptability and self-management of context-aware systems”
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Awards (22):
  • 2018/03 - 2018 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Artificial Intelligence Excellent Aural Presentation Award ”Mitigate Catastrophic Forgetting for Continuously Learning Linked Open Data using Modularity”
  • 2015/12 - The 10th International Conference on Computing and Network Communications (CoCoNet 2015) Best Paper Award Brain-inspired method for constructing a robust virtual wireless sensor network
  • 2013/10 - The Eighth International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications Best Paper Award 3D on-chip datacenter networks using circuit switches and packet switches
  • 2013/09 - International Conference on Emerging Network Intelligence (EMERGING 2013) Best Paper Award “Proposal and evaluation of a predictive mechanism for ant-based routing”
  • 2012/10 - International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation (INFOCOMP 2012) Best Paper Award Analysis of network heterogeneity by using entropy of the remaining degree distribution
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Association Membership(s) (3):
ACM ,  IEEE ,  The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
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