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TOMIDA Yukimitsu

トミダ ユキミツ | TOMIDA Yukimitsu
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Head
Research field  (2): Stratigraphy/Paleontology ,  Biodiversity/Systematics
Research keywords  (3): Systematics and classification ,  Paleobiogeography ,  Vertebrate Paleontology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 1984 - Phylogenetic systematics of Paleogene large mammals from Japan
  • 1991 - Phylogenetic systematics of Miocene rodents
  • 1995 - Phylogenetic systematics of the Cretaceous mammals and dinosaurs from Gobi Desert
  • 2001 - Phylogenetic Systematics of the Pliopentalagus-Pentalagus Lineage Based Main by on Chinese Material
MISC (46):
Books (19):
  • "Dragonian"fossils from the San Juan Basin and status of the "Dragonian"Land Mammal"Age".
    University of New Mexico Press 1981
  • Small mammal fossils and correlation of continental deposits, Safford and Duncan Basins, Arizona, USA.
  • Encyclopedia of paleontology
    Asakura Shoten 1991
  • Development of the American Continents
    Iwanami Shoten 1992
  • Dinosaurs!
    Shinchosha 1995
Lectures and oral presentations  (33):
  • First ankylosaur footprints in Japan and their significance. Jour. Vert. Paleo., 23(3-supull.):52A. (Abstract) [Fujita, M., Y. Azuma, M. Goto, Y. Tomida, S. Hayashi, and Y. Arakawa]
    (Society of Vertebrato Paleontology Ann. Meeting 2003)
  • Early Late Cretaceous vertebrate fauna of the Mifune Group in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Jour. Vert. Paleo., 23(3-suppul.): 64A-65A. (Abstract) [Ikegami, N. and Y. Tomida]
    (Society of Vertebrato Paleontology Ann. Meeting 2003)
  • First discovery of brontotheres from the Eocene of Japan. Jour. Vert. Paleo., 23(3-supple): 79A. (Abstract) [Miyata, K. and Y. Tomida]
    (Society of Vertebrato Paleontology Ann. Meeting 2003)
  • Detailed cranial anatomy and phylogenetic affinities of the multituberculate Meniscoessus. Jour. Vert. Paleo., 23(3-suppul.): 108A. (Abstract) [Weil, A and Y. Tomida]
    (Society of Vertebrato Paleontology Ann. Meeting 2003)
  • Evolution of rabbits with five reentrant angles on the lower third premolar (P/3). International Mammalian Symposium ~Evolution~Systematics~Development~. Tokyo Institute of technology, p. 48. (Abstract) [Tomida, Y. & Jin, C.-z]
    (International Mammalian Symposium ~Evolution~Systematics~Development~. 2004)
Works (13):
  • Paleontological and paleomagnetic survey in New Mexico and Utah, USA
    1976 - 1978
  • Paleontological survey in Potwar Plateau area, Pakistan
    1979 -
  • Paleontological and paleomagnetic survey in Arizona, USA
    1984 -
  • Convening a workshop(WC-2)"Rodent families of Asian origins and diversification" at the 29th International Gelogical Congress
    1992 -
  • Mongol Highland International Dinosour Project
    1995 -
Education (2):
  • - 1973 Yokohama National University Faculty of Education
  • - 1985 (University of Arizona)USA Dept. of Geosciences Paleontology
Professional career (2):
  • Dr. of Philosophy (University of Arizona (USA))
  • Master of Science (MS) (University of Arizona (USA))
Work history (3):
  • 1981 - 1992 National Science Museum, Curator
  • 1992 - 1994 National Science Museum, Senior Curator
  • 1994 - National Science Museum, Chief Curator
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