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Sakurai Hiroyoshi

サクライ ヒロヨシ | Sakurai Hiroyoshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Director
Other affiliations (2):
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.riken.jp/engn/r-world/research/lab/nishina/isotope/index.html
Research field  (1): Theoretical studies related to particle-, nuclear-, cosmic ray and astro-physics
Research keywords  (2): Physics with Exotic Nuclei ,  Processing method for the high-level radioactive waste
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • 不安定核を用いた天体核反応の研究
  • 中性子過剰核の「魔法数の喪失」に関する研究
  • 中性子ドリップ線近傍核の安定性に関する研究
  • Astrophysical nuclear reactions with unstable nuclei
  • Magicity loss for neutron-rich nuclei
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Papers (424):
  • G. G. Kiss, A. Vitéz-Sveiczer, Y. Saito, A. Tarifeño-Saldivia, M. Pallas, J. L. Tain, I. Dillmann, J. Agramunt, A. Algora, C. Domingo-Pardo, et al. Measuring the β-decay Properties of Neutron-rich Exotic Pm, Sm, Eu, and Gd Isotopes to Constrain the Nucleosynthesis Yields in the Rare-earth Region. The Astrophysical Journal. 2022. 936. 2. 107-107
  • R.-B. Gerst, A. Blazhev, K. Moschner, P. Doornenbal, A. Obertelli, K. Nomura, J.-P. Ebran, S. Hilaire, J. Libert, G. Authelet, et al. γ -ray spectroscopy of low-lying yrast and non-yrast states in neutron-rich Kr94,95,96. Physical Review C. 2022. 105. 2
  • F. Browne, S. Chen, P. Doornenbal, A. Obertelli, K. Ogata, Y. Utsuno, K. Yoshida, N. L. Achouri, H. Baba, D. Calvet, et al. Pairing Forces Govern Population of Doubly Magic Ca 54 from Direct Reactions. Physical Review Letters. 2021. 126. 25
  • S. Escrig, A. Morales, S. Nishimura, M. Niikura, A. Poves, Z. Y. Xu, G. Lorusso, F. Browne, P. Doornenbal, G. Gey, et al. Persistence of the Z=28 shell gap in A=75 isobars: Identification of a possible (1/2(-)) mu s isomer in Co-75 and beta decay to Ni-75. PHYSICAL REVIEW C. 2021. 103. 6
  • M. M. Juhász, Z. Elekes, D. Sohler, K. Sieja, K. Yoshida, K. Ogata, P. Doornenbal, A. Obertelli, H. Baba, F. Browne, et al. First spectroscopic study of v 63 at the N=40 island of inversion. Physical Review C. 2021. 103. 6
MISC (225):
  • NOR Nurhafiza M., ODAHARA A., YAGI A., LOZEVA R., LOZEVA R., MOON C. B., NISHIMURA S., NISHIBATA H., DOORNENBAL P., LORUSSO G., et al. Nuclear Structure Study of Neutron Rich Nuclei 141I. 日本物理学会講演概要集(CD-ROM). 2021. 76. 1
  • X. Sun, H. Wang, H. Otsu, H. Sakurai, D.S. Ahn, M. Aikawa, P. Doornenbal, N. Fukuda, T. Isobe, S. Kawakami, et al. Spallation reaction study of 136Xe on proton, deuteron and carbon. RIKEN Accelerator Progress Report. 2018. 51. 50
  • Takeshi Y Saito, Megumi Niikura, Teiichiro Matsuzaki, Hiroyoshi Sakurai, Shoichiro Kawase, Yoshitaka Kawashima, Takuma Koiwai, Michael K Kubo, Keishi Matsui, Satoru Momiyama, et al. Study of neutron emission properties after muon capture on palladium isotopes. 5th Joint Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics and the Physical Society of Japan. 2018. 63. 12
  • MICHIMASA S., SHIMOURA S., MATSUSHITA M., IMAI N., YAKO K., YAMAGUCHI H., OTA S., NAKAJIMA S., DOZONO M., IDEGUCHI E., et al. Construction of OEDO beamline. CNS Report. 2018. 96
  • 櫻井博儀, 櫻井博儀. 不安定核ビームを利用した核構造研究. 原子核研究. 2018. 62. Supplement 1. 23-30
Books (2):
  • 基礎科学で未来をつくる : 科学的意義と社会的意義
    丸善出版 2019 ISBN:9784621304433
  • 元素はどうしてできたのか (PHPサイエンス・ワールド新書)
    PHP研究所 2013 ISBN:4569815480
Education (4):
  • - 1993 The University of Tokyo
  • - 1993 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Science
  • - 1987 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Science
  • - 1987 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Science
Professional career (2):
  • Doctor of Science (The University of Tokyo)
  • Master of Science (The University of Tokyo)
Work history (11):
  • 2020/04 - 現在 RIKEN RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science Director
  • 2005/04 - 現在 RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-based Science Chief Scientist
  • 2011/04 - 2022/03 University of Tokyo Faculty of Science Professor
  • 2000/04 - 2005/03 The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science
  • 2000 - 2005 University of Tokyo, School of Science,
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Association Membership(s) (2):
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