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Matsushima Dai

マツシマ ダイ | Matsushima Dai
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): https://sites.google.com/p.chibakoudai.jp/cithydromet/
Research field  (3): Environmental dynamic analysis ,  Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology ,  Agricultural environmental engineering/Agricultural information engineering
Research keywords  (2): hydro-meteorology ,  urban meteorology
Papers (13):
  • J. Asanuma, I. Kaihotsu. Thermal inertia approach using a heat budget model to estimate the spatial distribution of surface soil moisture over a semi-arid grassland in Central Mongolia. Journal of Hydrometeorology. 2018. 19. 1. 245-265
  • Reiji Kimura, A. Abulaiti, M. Mano, Dai Matsushima. Surface heat flux analysis in Gobi Desert steppe, Mongolia - An observation study. SOLA. 2016. 12. 175-180
  • Matsushima, D., R. Kimura, and M. Shinoda. Soil moisture estimation using thermal inertia: Potential and sensitivity to data conditions. Journal of Hydrometerology. 2012. 13. 2. 638-648
  • Tanaka, S., H. Sugawara, K. Narita, H. Yokoyama, I. Misaka, and D. Matsushima. Zero-plane displacement height in a highly built-up area of Tokyo. SOLA. 2011. 7. 93-96
  • Byambakhuu, I., M. Sugita, and D. Matsushima. Spectral unmixing model to assess land cover fractions in Mongolian steppe regions. Remote Sensing of Environment. 2010. 114. 10. 2361-2372
MISC (2):
  • Y. Matsuura, I. Byanbakhuu, Ts. Adyasuren. Estimating inter- and intra- seasonal changes of satellite NDVI and LAI over Kherlen River Basin using a bi-directional reflectance correction. Proceedings of the first international symposium on terrestrial and climate change in Mongolia. 2005. 137-140
  • Estimating regional evapotranpiration over Kherlen River Basin combining satellite data and a heat budget model. Proceedings of the first international symposium on terrestrial and climate change in Mongolia. 2005. 111-114
Books (1):
  • Soil moisture
    Intech Open Ltd. 2018
Lectures and oral presentations  (51):
  • 琵琶湖プロジェクト2002年集中観測(Catch A Plume by SATs:CAPS) : その概要
    (日本気象学会 2003)
  • 複数の乱流計測機を用いた乱流熱輸送量空間分布観測の概要 : 琵琶湖プロジェクト2002年集中観測(CAPS)
    (日本気象学会 2003)
  • 山形県庄内地方に発生する局地風清川ダシの現地気象観測(3) : 風速分布
    (日本気象学会 2003)
  • 放射温度と空気力学的地表面温度によるパラメータkB^<-1>の相違(大気境界層)
    (日本気象学会 2003)
  • CAPS2003観測データを用いた接地気層乱流の構造(1) : 高次相関量の確率分布を中心として
    (日本気象学会 2004)
Education (1):
  • 1993 - 1993 Tohoku University Graduate School of Science Department of Geophysics
Association Membership(s) (5):
Meteorological Society of Japan ,  Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources ,  American Meteorological Society ,  American Geophysical Union ,  Japan Geophysical Union
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