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Natsuho Iwata

Natsuho Iwata
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Japanese language education
Papers (4):
  • Satomi Kuroshima & Natsuho Iwata. On Displaying Empathy: Dilemma, Category, and Experience. Research on Language and Social Interaction. 2016. 49. 2. 92-110
  • HAJIKANO Are, IWATA Natsuho. Analysis of Talk by an Unselected Participant(<Special Issue>Language Use in Interaction). The Japanese Journal of Language in Society. 2008. 10. 2. 121-134
  • 岩田 夏穂, 小笠 恵美子. Exploring peer-response activity between Japanese university students and foreign learners of Japanese: focusing on the language functions of the utterances. 日本語教育. 2007. 133. 57-66
  • IWATA Natsuho. The Feature of Participation in Free-Conversation between Japanese Non-Native Speakers : How Do Foreign Students Manage their Participation?. Journal of the Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences. 2006. 9. 175-187
MISC (2):
  • 岩田 夏穂. Suggestions for utilizing the peer response activities in college academic writing courses. 大月短大論集. 2011. 42. 91-106
  • HAJIKANO Are, IWATA Natsuho. Exploration of a New Textbook on Japanese Conversation Based on "CA". The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods. 2011. 18. 1. 24-25
Lectures and oral presentations  (8):
  • 会話分析のアプローチからみた会話の力とその実践 -相互行為への参加と協働-
    (第二言語習得研究会 2016)
  • Responding to possible bad news with personal experiences: the examinee’s practice of normalization
    (2017 Conference of the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis 2017)
  • 日本語での雑談に現れる自己卑下の分析:連鎖上の働きに注目して
    (ヴェネツィア日本語教育国際研究大会 2018)
  • ピア・ラーニングの考え方と教室活動のデザイン
    (日本語教師塾大阪 2018)
  • 雑談における否定的自己評価発話
    (2019 年度日本語教育学会秋季大会 2019)
Association Membership(s) (1):
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