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Okada Naoki

Okada Naoki
Affiliation and department:
Papers (40):
  • Kiyosada Kawai, Naoki Okada. Leaf vascular architecture in temperate dicotyledons: correlations and link to functional traits. Planta. 2020. 251. 1. 1-17
  • Nakada Ryogo, Okada Naoki, Nakai Takahisa, Kuroda Katsushi, Nagai Satoshi. Water potential gradient between sapwood and heartwood as a driving force in water accumulation in wetwood in conifers. WOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 2019. 53. 2. 407-424
  • Sato K, Nakamura R, Kajino H, Kawai K, Nakai W, Saito H, Okada N. Leaf decomposition in a cool-temperate broad-leaved forest established on serpentine soil on Mount Oe, Japan. Ecological Research. 2019. 34. 678-686
  • Nakamura R, Kajino H, Kawai K, Nakai W, Ohnuki M, Okada N. Diverse recalcitrant substrates slow down decomposition of leaf litter from trees in a serpentine ecosystem. Plant and Soil. 2019. 442. 247-255
  • Kawai K, Okada N. Coordination of leaf and stem traits in 25 species of Fagaceae from three biomes of East Asia. Botany. 2019. 97. 391-403
MISC (22):
Books (2):
  • 安定同位体測定法.「森林立地調査法(改訂版)」
    77-79, 博友社 2010
  • Physiological and phenological features of tropical seasonal forest trees in Thailand in relation to wood formation.
    In: The Formation of Wood in Tropical Forest Trees. -A Challenge from the Functional Wood Anatomy- (Nobuchi T. and Mohd. Hamami Sahri eds.) 31-44, UPM Press. 2008
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