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Suzuki Yasuhiro

スズキ ヤスヒロ | Suzuki Yasuhiro
Homepage URL  (1): https://kaken.nii.ac.jp/d/r/20397558.ja.html
Research field  (1): Nuclear fusion
Papers (24):
  • Purohit, S, Suzuki, Y, Ohdachi, S, Yamamoto, S. Soft x-ray tomographic reconstruction of Heliotron J plasma for the study of magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium and stability. Plasma Science and Technology. 2019. 21. 6. 065102-065102
  • Watanabe, KY, Sakakibara, S, Narushima, Y, Ohdachi, S, Suzuki, Y, Takemura, Y, Ida, K, Yoshinuma, M, Yamada, I, LHD Experiment Group, others. Dependence of the resonant magnetic perturbation penetration threshold on plasma parameters and ions in helical plasmas. Nuclear Fusion. 2019. 59. 8. 086049-086049
  • Purohit, S, Suzuki, Y, Ohdachi, S, Yamamoto, S. Improved design for Heliotron J soft X-ray diagnostic for tomographic reconstruction studies. Review of Scientific Instruments. 2018. 89. 10
  • B, o, T, Ohdachi, S, Suzuki, Y, Sakamoto, R, Narushima, Y, Takemura, Y, Watanabe, KY, Sakakibara, S, Du, XD, Motojima, G, others. Simultaneous excitation of the snake-like oscillations and the m/n= 1/1 resistive interchange modes around the iota= 1 rational surface just after hydrogen pellet injections in LHD plasmas. Physics of Plasmas. 2018. 25. 1. 012507-012507
  • Takemura, Yuki, Watanabe, Kiyomasa, Sakakibara, Satoru, Ohdachi, Satoshi, Suzuki, Yasuhiro, Ida, Katsumi, Yoshinuma, Mikiro, Yamada, Ichihiro, LHD Experiment Group, others. Comparison of Rotation of Interchange Mode in Large Helical Device Plasmas with Various Ion Species. Plasma and Fusion Research. 2018. 13. 3402037-3402037
MISC (223):
Work history (1):
  • 2013 - National Institute for Fusion Science
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