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Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Homepage URL  (1): https://kyoto-u.academia.edu/JuliusBautista
Papers (14):
  • Uncomfortable pedagogy: experiential learning as an anthropological encounter in the Asia-Pacific. Pedagogies: An International Journal. 2018
  • BAUTISTA, Julius. On the Anthropology and Theology of Passion Rituals in the Roman Catholic Philippines. International Journal of Asian Christianity. 2018. 1. 1. 143-156
  • BAUTISTA, Julius. Hesukristo superstar: Entrusted agency and passion rituals in the Roman Catholic Philippines. The Australian Journal of Anthropology. 2017. 28. 2. 152-164
  • BAUTISTA, Julius. Review of “Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices: Explorations through Java” by Albertus Bagus Laksana. Southeast Asian Studies. 2016. 5. 2. 356-359
  • BAUTISTA, Julius. Review of “Conflict and Conversion: Catholicism in Southeast Asia, 1500 - 1700.” By Alberts, Tara. HCatholic, H-Net Reviews. 2016
Books (12):
  • Beyond Sacred and Profane: The Discursive Underpinnings of the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City
    Manila: Ateneo de Manila University Press 2016
  • Jaime Cardinal Sin”
    Santa Barbara: ABC Clio Publishers 2015
  • Reynaldo Ileto
    Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio Publishers 2015
  • The Philippines
    Santa Barbara: ABC Clio Publishers 2015
  • The Localization of Radical Transcendence in the Catholic Philippines
    Oxford and New Delhi: Routledge 2015
Lectures and oral presentations  (12):
  • Religion in the Liberal Arts Curriculum: Case Studies and Pedagogical Challenges from Southeast and East Asia
    (Second Busan University of Foreign Studies Teaching Workshop on Southeast Asia 2018)
  • Performative Observation: Reflections on an Anthropology Beyond Ethnography
    (Bodies in/and Asian Theatres 2018)
  • The Mobility of Passion in the Roman Catholic Philippines
    (the workshop on “Intersecting mobilties: Southeast Asia from the perspective of religious mobility 2017)
  • A Discussion of Peter Jackson's "Capitalist Modernity and the Enchantment of Political Culture: Spirits of power in 21st Century Thailand"
    (CSEAS Colloquium 2017)
  • A Discussion of Tam T.T. Ngo's "Dynamics of Memory and Religious Nationalism in a Sino-Vietnamese Border Town"
    (1st Joint Seminar of Zomia Research Group and KINDAS 2017)
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Australian National University)
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