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Yoshiko YAMANE

ヤマネ ヨシコ | Yoshiko YAMANE
Affiliation and department:
Papers (3):
  • SAITO Tomonori, Yoshiko YAMANE. Factors Affecting Adult Ex-Inmates’ Sexual Recidivism: Insights from Survival Analyses of Official Records. 2018. 43. 104-120
  • SAITO Tomonori, Yoshiko YAMANE. An examination of the applicability of the structural-choice model to the victimization of youths: Is crime prevention focused on routine activities effective?. 2018. 17. 2. 3-24
  • Yoshiko YAMANE, Tazu Kajihara, Tomonori Saito and Takahito Shimada. A study on bicycle theft using an offender survey: Characteristics of offender, target and situation. reports of national Research Institute od Police science. 2018. 67. 2. 43-55
Lectures and oral presentations  (9):
  • Neighborhood Watch Maps Made Easy and Scientific: a Proposal for Utilizing Paper-Based Outputs of Computerized Maps
    (The 7th Asian Conference on Safe Communities 2014)
  • 被疑者調査からみる新たな自転車盗対策
    (第41回日本犯罪社会学会 2014)
  • A Field Test of a Software Tool for Making Safety Check Maps of School Commuting Roads
    (The American Society of Criminology - 71st Annual Meeting 2015)
  • 防犯の役割分担と負担緩和策(2)-学校安全指導者養成講習会からみる教員としてできることとその限界
    (日本安全教育学会第16回東京大会 2015)
  • 子どもの犯罪被害の前兆的事案調査の試行
    (日本犯罪社会学会第43回大会 2016)
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