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Sayuri Honma

Sayuri Honma
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Building structures and materials
Papers (11):
  • Sayuri Honma, Yukihiro Harada, Kazumasa Ebato. Experimental study on In-plane instability of shear-yielding seismic damper using thin steel plate. 17th WCEE 27 September-2 October. 2021, Sendai, Japan. 2020. 2c-0027
  • Sayuri HONMA, Yukihiro HARADA, Kazumasa EBATO. Estimation Method on Hysteresis Characteristics of Subassemblage with Ductile Knee-Brace Member. 9thInternational Conference on Behavior of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas (STESSA2018). 2018. 251-258
  • Mechanical Performance of Subassemblage with Ductile Steel Knee Brace. 2016
  • 本間小百合, 原田幸博, 江波戸和正. せん断入力型方杖補強部材の実験的研究. 鋼構造年次論文報告集. 2013. 21. 762-769
  • S. Honma, K. Ebato, Y. Harada. Study on structural behavior of weldless joint in beam-to-column connection of interior column with knee brace reinforcement. STESSA 2012: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BEHAVIOUR OF STEEL STRUCTURES IN SEISMIC AREAS. 2012. 263-268
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