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Affiliation and department:
Research keywords  (4): 質的データ ,  暗黙知 ,  熟達化 ,  オントロジー
MISC (14):
  • 鬼塚 哲郎, 中沢 正江, 鈴木 陵, 大谷 麻予, 中尾 麻衣, 井上 正樹, 富山 雄一郎, 中西 勝彦. Verifying the Usability of 'Facilitation-integrated Active Learning Package'. 高等教育フォーラム. 2016. 6. 19-27
  • 中西 佳世子, 中沢 正江, 木村 成介, 山本 尚広, 荻野 晃大, 下田 幸男, 平 春菜. Practice and Assessment of Extracurricular PBL Program to Promote "Self-directedness" and "Receptivity of Different Cultures" : A Case Study of KSU Student-centered Activities at the WACE World Conference in 2015. 高等教育フォーラム. 2016. 6. 49-63
  • NAKAZAWA Masae, OTANI Asayo, NAKANISHI Katsuhiko, NAKANISHI Kayoko, MATSUO Chiaki, MATSUTAKA Masashi, HIGASHIDA Shinzo, ONITSUKA Tetsuro. Re-sequencing of First Year Course Content Based on Learning Outcome Data : A Case Study of the Course "Self Discovery through College Life". 高等教育フォーラム. 2015. 5. 23-32
  • NAKAZAWA Masae, OZAKI Ryoko. A Seminar Report on Learning Commons. 高等教育フォーラム. 2014. 4. 129-134
  • MATSUO Chiaki, NAKAZAWA Masae. Rubrics for PBL Programs based on the Interview Data of Lecturers : A Case of Kyoto Sangyo University's PBL Programs. 高等教育フォーラム. 2014. 4. 4. 37-44
Association Membership(s) (3):
Japan Association for College and University Education ,  JAPAN SOCIETY FOR EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ,  Japanese Association of First-Year Experience at Universities and Colleges
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