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Nakamura-Hoshi Midori

ナカムラ ミドリ | Nakamura-Hoshi Midori
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 主任研究官
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2013 - 2015 抗HIV薬治療効果の増強に結び付く細胞性免疫反応に関する研究
Papers (11):
  • Midori Nakamura-Hoshi, Yusuke Takahara, Saori Matsuoka, Hiroshi Ishii, Sayuri Seki, Takushi Nomura, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Hiromi Sakawaki, Tomoyuki Miura, Tsuyoshi Tokusumi, et al. Therapeutic vaccine-mediated Gag-specific CD8+ T-cell induction under anti-retroviral therapy augments anti-virus efficacy of CD8+ cells in simian immunodeficiency virus-infected macaques. Scientific reports. 2020. 10. 1. 11394-11394
  • Midori Nakamura-Hoshi, Tadaki Suzuki, Akira Ainai, Hideki Hasegawa, Hiroshi Ishii, Tetsuro Matano. Inefficient Tax-specific T-cell responses in mice after syngeneic transplantation with tax-transgenic mouse-derived adult T-cell leukemia cells. Japanese journal of infectious diseases. 2020
  • Trang Thi Thu Hau, Midori Nakamura-Hoshi, Yoshiaki Kanno, Takushi Nomura, Masako Nishizawa, Sayuri Seki, Hiroshi Ishii, Ai Kawana-Tachikawa, William W Hall, Lan Anh Nguyen Thi, et al. CD8+ T cell-based strong selective pressure on multiple simian immunodeficiency virus targets in macaques possessing a protective MHC class I haplotype. Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 2019. 512. 2. 213-217
  • Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Sumire Iseda, Taku Nakane, Takushi Nomura, Naofumi Takahashi, Sayuri Seki, Midori Nakamura, Hiroshi Ishii, Tetsuro Matano. Augmentation of anti-simian immunodeficiency virus activity in CD8(+) cells by neutralizing but not nonneutralizing antibodies in the acute phase. AIDS. 2016. 30. 15. 2391-2394
  • Sumire Iseda, Naofumi Takahashi, Hugo Poplimont, Takushi Nomura, Sayuri Seki, Taku Nakane, Midori Nakamura, Shoi Shi, Hiroshi Ishii, Shota Furukawa, et al. Biphasic CD8(+) T-Cell Defense in Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Control by Acute-Phase Passive Neutralizing Antibody Immunization. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY. 2016. 90. 14. 6276-6290
MISC (5):
Lectures and oral presentations  (11):
  • Anti-HTLV-1 antibody induction using noninfectious virus particle
    (2nd Japan-Taiwan Joint Symposium on HIV/AIDS 2018)
  • In vivo kinetics of HTLV tax-transgenic mice-derived ATL cells after inoculated into allogeneic mice
    (The 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Virology 2016)
  • Nucleotide changes in viral genome CD8+ T-cell target regions before and after anti-retroviral therapy in a macaque AIDS model
    (The 14th Awaji Internatinal Forum on Infection and Immunity 2015)
  • 抗HIV薬投与下の治療ワクチン接種により誘導されるCD8陽性T細胞のSIV複製抑制能の解析
    (第28回日本エイズ学会学術集会 2014)
  • Therapeutic vaccine-induced Gag-specific CD8+ T cells under anti-retroviral therapy contribute to viral control in a macaque AIDS model
    (20th International AIDS Conference 2014)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(生命科学) (東京大学)
Association Membership(s) (2):
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