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Hatta Waku

Hatta Waku
Papers (3):
  • Hatta Waku, Gotoda Takuji, Oyama Tsuneo, Kawata Noboru, Ono Hiroyuki, Yoshifuku Yoshikazu, Takahashi Akiko, Hoteya Shu, Nakagawa Masahiro, Nakamura Koki, et al. Long-Term Outcome and the Risk Factors for Recurrence in Patients Who Do Not Meet Current Curative Criteria of Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Early Gastric Cancer: A Multicenter Retrospective Study in Japan. GASTROENTEROLOGY. 2016. 150. 4. S868
  • Ara, N., Iijima, K., Maejima, R., Kondo, Y., Kusaka, G., Hatta, W., Uno, K., Asano, N., Koike, T., Imatani, A., et al. Prospective analysis of risk for bleeding after endoscopic biopsy without cessation of antithrombotics in Japan. Gastroenterological Endoscopy. 2016. 58. 8
  • Hatta, W., Iijima, K., Koike, T., Kondo, Y., Ara, N., Asanuma, K., Uno, K., Asano, N., Imatani, A., Shimosegawa, T. Endoscopic findings for predicting gastric acid secretion status. Gastroenterological Endoscopy. 2016. 58. 10
MISC (34):
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