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Mandai Nozomu

Mandai Nozomu
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Healthcare management, medical sociology
Papers (20):
  • Mayumi Watanabe, Yoshinobu Nakamura, Chikako Tomiyama, Nozomu Mandai, Hanaa Yousef Bakir, Tokimasa Takeda. Blood Pressure Balance as a Marker for Early Detection of Cerebral Infarction and a Criterion for Inclusion/Exclusion from Acupuncture Treatment. Health. 2021. 13. 8. 857-867
  • Nozomu Mandai, Mayumi Watanabe. Regional Differences in Specific Health Examination Utilization and Medical Care Expenditures in Japan. Health. 2020. 12. 9. 1143-1150
  • Tateyuki Morisawa, Mayumi Watanabe, Hidetoshi Mori, Kazushi Nishijo, Kazuhide Tomita, Kenta Kawamura, Jun Sato, Nozomu Mandai. Can Traditional Breathing Methods Reduce Stress?. Health. 2020. 12. 8. 923-931
  • Ouchi K, Watanabe M, Tomiyama C, Nikaido T, Oh Z, Hirano T, Akazawa K, Mandai N. Emotional Effects on Factors Associated with Chronic Low Back Pain. Journal of Pain Research. 2019. 12. 3343-3353
  • Nozomu Mandai, Mayumi Watanabe. Relationship between the Current Account Balance Ratio and Salary Ratio in Japanese Municipal Hospitals. Health. 2019. 11. 12. 1591-1597
MISC (9):
Books (1):
  • 成功・失敗の傾向、各疾患の特徴からつかむ臨床試験計画とデザインの設定
    技術情報協会 2012 ISBN:9784861044458
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(学術)
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