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Hagiwara Kazuki

Hagiwara Kazuki
Affiliation and department:
Papers (6):
  • Kazuki Hagiwara. Suspension of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty prior to its withdrawal: the content of custom. Cambridge International Law Journal. 2021. 10. 1. 143-164
  • 条約法に関するウィーン条約第60条に関する一考察(3)一歴史的変容、多数国間条約へ適用および5項の意義-. 横浜法学. 2016. 24. 2、3合併
  • Kazuki Hagiwara. Country Report: Japan. IUCNAEL EJournal. 2015
  • 条約法に関するウィーン条約第60条に関する一考察(2)一歴史的変容、多数国間条約へ適用および5項の意義-. 横浜法学. 2015. 23. 3
  • 条約法に関するウィーン条約第60条に関する一考察(1)一歴史的変容、多数国間条約へ適用および5項の意義-. 横浜法学. 2014. 23. 1
Books (1):
  • “Sustainable Development before International Courts and Tribunals: Duty to Cooperate and States’ Good Faith” in C. Voigt (ed.), International Judicial Practice on the Environment: Questions of Legitimacy (Cambridge University Press, 2019), chapter 6.
    Cambridge University Press 2019
Lectures and oral presentations  (4):
  • How to Achieve Sustainable Development Through Article 31(3)(c) of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties: On the Scope and Limitations of the Systemic Integration
    (IUCNAEL 2021 Colloquium - The future of Environmental Law: Ambition and Reality 2021)
  • Are Shared Resources a State Good or a Global Public Good?: Reviewing State's Good Faith
    (16th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Annual Colloquium (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK) 2018)
  • Structure of Duty to Cooperate for Sustainable Use of Marine Living Resources
    (15th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Annual Colloquium (Cebu, Philippines) 2017)
  • Good Faith and Sustainable Development in International Law
    (14th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Annual Colloquium (University of Oslo, Norway) 2016)
Association Membership(s) (3):
The Japanese Association of World Law ,  九州国際法学会 ,  国際法学会
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