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Okuzono Junji

Okuzono Junji
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Politics
Research keywords  (2): Non-traditional security ,  Military-Police relations
Papers (10):
  • Junji Okuzono, Yasuhiro Saito, Takahiro Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Nakayama. Empirical analysis method for evacuation timing of ships in storm areas. SAFETY SCIENCE. 2021. 141
  • 渡邊 洋子, 奥薗 淳二, 角山 香織, 佐伯 知子, 種村 文孝. Development Process and Challenges of IPE (InterProfessional Education)-Based Professional Training/Education Program. 京都大学生涯教育フィールド研究 = Journal of lifelong education field studies. 2017. 5. 21-29
  • 奥薗 淳二. Changes in the Diet's Recognition of Japan Coast Guard. 海保大研究報告. 法文学系. 2017. 62. 1. 61-90
  • Junji Okuzono. SEAMANSHIP and the Maritime Safety Administration in Japan: Linkage between Public Administration and Navigation. Transactions of Navigation. 2017. 2. 2. 53-58
  • 奥薗 淳二. The Japan Coast Guard under the Changing in the International External Environment. 海保大研究報告. 法文学系. 2016. 61. 1. 31-55
MISC (1):
  • The Review of Organizational Socialization : Toward a Research on Organizational Structural Transformation. 2019. 64. 1. 113-132
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