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ティティ ルイン | LWIN THET THET
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Lecturer/Junior Associate Professor
Research field  (1): Radiology
Research keywords  (4): Biomedical Imaging ,  Phase Contrast X-ray CT ,  Synchrotron radiation ,  Nuclear Medicine
Papers (17):
Books (3):
  • Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging with Bonse-Hart Type Crystal X-ray Interferometer
    Nova Science Publishers, Inc N. Y. 2009
  • 心臓核医学検査で使用する放射性医薬品。心臓核医学診断アプローチ
    メディカルチャー 2001
  • 肥大型心筋症。心臓核医学診断アプローチ,第1版
    メディカルチャー 2000
Lectures and oral presentations  (15):
  • Visualization of rat testicular tumor with crystal X-ray interferometer-based phase-contrast X-ray CT
    (The 13th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation 2018)
  • Old rat’s tumor imaging by phase contrast X-ray CT
    (第31回日本放射光学会年会 2018)
  • Using phase contrast X-ray computed tomography imaging for valproic acid rat model of autistic brain.
    (10th World Congress on Development Origins of Health and Disease 2017)
  • Tumor imaging of small animal by phase contrast X-ray CT technique.
    (World Cancer 2016 Oncology & Cancer Conferences, 26-28, September 2016, London, UK, 2016)
  • Visualization of cardiac muscle fiber orientation by phase-contrast X-ray CT with ethanol fixation.
    (第29 回日本放射光学会 2016)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(医学) (筑波大学)
Awards (2):
  • 2002/07/14 - The 6th World Multi-Conference on Systemic, Cybernetics and Informatics 2002 Best Paper Award
  • 2000/11/01 - Asia and Oceania Distinguished Young Investigator's Award 40th annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine
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