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Saito-Takatsuji Hidehito

タカツジ(サイトウ) ヒデヒト | Saito-Takatsuji Hidehito
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Medical biochemistry
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2017 - 2020 高転移性ルイス肺癌における血管内皮細胞を模倣した腫瘍擬似血管形成メカニズムの解明
  • 2016 - 2016 うつ解明に向けたストレス状態の脳で発現変動する遺伝子の研究(iPS細胞分化系を用いた遺伝子機能の解明)
Papers (17):
  • Takayuki Ikeda, Hidehito Saito-Takatsuji, Yasuo Yoshitomi, Hideto Yonekura. Role of Arginine Methylation in Alternative Polyadenylation of VEGFR-1 (Flt-1) pre-mRNA. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2020. 21. 6460
  • (Takayoshi Yamauchi), Toshifumi Hoki, Takaaki Oba, Hidehito Saito, Kristopher Attwood, Michael S Sabel, Alfred E Chang, Kunle Odunsi, Fumito Ito. CX3CR1-CD8+ T cells are critical in antitumor efficacy but functionally suppressed in the tumor microenvironment. JCl Insight. 2020. 5. 8. e133920
  • Yoshitomi Y, Osada H, Satake H, Kojima M, Saito-Takatsuji H, Ikeda T, Yoshitake Y, Ishigaki Y, Kubo E, Sasaki H, Yonekura H. Ultraviolet B-induced Otx2 expression in lens epithelial cells promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Biology Open. 2019. 8. 2. bio035691
  • Yasuo Yoshitomi, Takayuki Ikeda, Hidehito Saito, Yoshino Yoshitake, Yasuhito Ishigaki, Toshihisa Hatta, Nobuo Kato, Hideto Yonekura. JunB regulates angiogenesis and neurovascular parallel alignment in mouse embryonic skin. Journal of Cell Science. 2017. 130. 5. 916-926
  • H.Saito, K.Iwabuchi, N.Fusaki, F. Ito. Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from human melanoma tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2016. 117. e54375-e54375
Lectures and oral presentations  (6):
  • Ultraviolet B-induced Otx2 in lens epithelial cells inhibits lens fiber gene expression and promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition
    (The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan 2019)
  • Role of Rheb interacting proteins in mTORC1 signaling pathway
    (The 92nd annual meeeting of the japanese biochemical society 2019)
  • UVB照射により水晶体上皮細胞に誘導されるOtx2は上皮間葉転換(EMT)を誘導して水晶体上皮細胞の水晶体繊維への分化を抑制する
  • UV照射により水晶体上皮細胞で誘導されるOtx2の機能解析
  • UV照射により水晶体上皮細胞で誘導されるOtx2の機能解析
    (第57回日本白内障学会総会, 第44回水晶体研究会 2018)
Professional career (2):
  • Ph.D in Medicine
  • 修士(医学)
Awards (2):
  • 2017/07 - Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Human Melanoma Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes.
  • 2017/07 - 金沢医科大学医学会 金沢医科大学医学会「論文表彰」 Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Human Melanoma Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes.
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