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Sayaka Nakamura Yamada

ヤマダ サヤカ | Sayaka Nakamura Yamada
Papers (20):
  • Baba S, Yamada Y, Komuro A, Yotsui Y, Umeda M, Shimuzutani K, Nakamura S. Phase I/II Trial of Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation with a Three-Dimensional Woven-Fabric Scaffold for Periodontitis. Stem cells international. 2016. 2016. 6205910
  • Yamada Y, Nakamura S, Ueda M, Ito K. Papilla regeneration by injectable stem cell therapy with regenerative medicine: long-term clinical prognosis. Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. 2015. 9. 3. 305-309
  • Ohtani T, Yamada Y, Furuhashi A, Ohmura Y, Nakamura S, Kato H, Yoshikawa K, Kazaoka Y. Activated cytotoxic T-lymphocyte immunotherapy is effective for advanced oral and maxillofacial cancers. International journal of oncology. 2014. 45. 5. 2051-2057
  • Yamada Y, Nakamura S, Klein OD, Ito K. Current trends in stem cell therapy for improvement of bone quality. Histology and histopathology. 2014. 29. 6. 691-697
  • Yamada Y, Nakamura S, Ueda M, Ito K. Osteotome technique with injectable tissue-engineered bone and simultaneous implant placement by cell therapy. Clinical oral implants research. 2013. 24. 4. 468-474
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