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Tsukioka Toru

Tsukioka Toru
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Algebra
Papers (7):
  • Toru Tsukioka. Some examples of log Fano structures on blow-ups along subvarieties in products of two projective spaces. Geometriae Dedicata. 2023. 217. 1
  • Toru Tsukioka. On weak Fano manifolds with small contractions obtained by blow-ups of a product of projective spaces. Advances in Geometry. 2022. 22. 4. 451-461
  • Toru Tsukioka. On the minimal length of extremal rays for Fano four-folds. Mathematische Zeitschrift. 2012. 271. 1-2. 555-564
  • Toru Tsukioka. A remark on Fano 4-folds having (3,1)-type extremal contractions. Mathematische Annalen. 2010. 348. 3. 737-747
  • Toru Tsukioka. Fano manifolds obtained by blowing up along curves with maximal Picard number. manuscripta mathematica. 2010. 132. 1-2. 247-255
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