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Daisuke Hirata

Daisuke Hirata
MISC (81):
  • 平田 大輔, 佐藤 文平, 柴原 健太郎, 山口 寛基. A Comparison Between Australia and Japan According to ATP Rankings. 専修大学スポーツ研究所紀要 = Bulletin of Institute of Sport, Senshu University. 2017. 40. 31-42
  • 益川 満治, 平田 大輔, 李 宇韺. Influence of executive function in the university physical education class : Examination from the affects by acute exercise. 運動とスポーツの科学 = Journal of physical exercise and sports science. 2017. 23. 1. 61-67
  • 平田 大輔, 佐藤 周平, 村上 貴聡, 佐藤 雅幸, 西條 修光. An Explorative Study of the Causes for Unforced Errors in Collegiate Women Tennis Players. テニスの科学 = Japanese journal of tennis sciences. 2017. 25. 17-28
  • Murakami Kiso, Hirata Daisuke, Sato Shuhei. Psychological characteristics of top referees: based on results of interviews with referees. Research journal of sports performance. 2016. 8. 76-87
  • 村上 貴聡, 平田 大輔, 佐藤 周平. An explorative study of psychological skills in tennis umpires. テニスの科学 = Japanese journal of tennis sciences. 2016. 24. 1-9
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