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Nakashima Keisuke

Nakashima Keisuke
Affiliation and department:
Papers (10):
  • ORTHOSCOPE Analysis Reveals the Presence of the Cellulose Synthase Gene in All Tunicate Genomes but Not in Other Animal Genomes. Genes. 2019
  • Keisuke Nakashima, Satoshi Kimura, Yu Ogawa, Soichi Watanabe, Satoshi Soma, Toyoji Kaneko, Lixy Yamada, Hitoshi Sawada, Che-Huang Tung, Tsai-Ming Lu, et al. Chitin-based barrier immunity and its loss predated mucus-colonization by indigenous gut microbiota. Nature Communications. 2018. 9. 1
  • A comparative approach to decipher intestinal animal-microbe associations. Microbial Cell. 2018
  • Keisuke Nakashima, Atsuo Nishino, Euichi Hirose. Forming a tough shell via an intracellular matrix and cellular junctions in the tail epidermis of Oikopleura dioica (Chordata: Tunicata: Appendicularia). NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN. 2011. 98. 8. 661-669
  • Keisuke Nakashima, Atsuo Nishino, Yoshiki Horikawa, Euichi Hirose, Junji Sugiyama, Nori Satoh. The crystalline phase of cellulose changes under developmental control in a marine chordate. CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES. 2011. 68. 9. 1623-1631
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