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Isaji Shinji

Isaji Shinji
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Biogeoscience
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (5):
  • 2011 - 2013 Microfauna and its paleobiooceanography during Jurassic -Cretaceous in eastern margin of East Asia
  • 2007 - 2009 ボロン法を用いた白亜紀淡水棲貝類の幼生の抽出
  • 2003 - 2005 Comparative morphologic and biomineralogical studies on the relationship between mantle differentiation and early shell formation in Mollusca
  • 2000 - 2003 On paleoecosystem and paleoenvironment of the Early Cretaceous Tetori Group ; promotion of the public understanding of the fossils, local museums and visitor centers, site protection in the local community
  • 2001 - 2002 白亜紀前期手取層群の非海棲微小巻貝類の分類とタフォノミー
Papers (17):
  • Shinji Isaji, Masatoshi Okura. Microgastropods from the late Carboniferous limestone in Fukuji, Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH. 2020. 24. 3. 192-202
  • Hiroko Okazaki, Shinji Isaji, Taiji Kurozumi. Sedimentary facies related to supercritical-flow bedforms in foreset slopes of a Gilbert-type delta (middle Pleistocene, central Japan). SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY. 2020. 399
  • Tomoki Kase, Shinji Isaji, Yolanda M. Aguilar, Steffen Kiel. A large new Wareniconcha (Bivalvia: Vesicomyidae) from a Pliocene methane seep deposit in Leyte, Philippines. NAUTILUS. 2019. 133. 1. 26-30
  • Shinji Isaji, Masatoshi Okura. Molluscan larvae from the Carboniferous Ichinotani Formation, Fukuji, Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH. 2014. 18. 1. 45-50
  • Shinji Isaji. Adulomya from the Miocene Aokiyama Formation, Hota Group, in the Boso Peninsula, Japan. PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH. 2013. 17. 2. 196-199
MISC (8):
  • Recognition of a third marine transgression of the Tetori Group in the Setono area, northern Central Japan, with radiolarians indicative of an open marine ocean environment. 2016. 15. 7-26
  • Sano Shin-ichi, Iba Yasuhiro, Isaji Shinji, Asai Hidehiko, Dzyuba Oksana S. Preliminary report of earliest Cretaceous belemnites from Japan and their paleobiogeographic significance. The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan. 2015. 121. 2. 71-79
  • Kashiwagi Kenji, Isaji Shinji, Asai Hidehiko. Latest Late Jurassic to early Late Cretaceous radiolarians extracted from a gravel of the calcareous nodule originated from the basal conglomerate of the Pliocene Naarai Formation, Choshi area of Kanto Region, central Japan. The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan. 2013. 119. 9. 647-652
  • Isaji Shinji, Kato Hisayoshi. A Fossil Pearl from the Upper Miocene Kubota Formation in the Higashitanagura Area, Fukushima Prefecture, Northeastern Japan. Venus (Journal of the Malacological Society of Japan). 2011. 69. 3. 195-201
  • Takahashi Naoki, Isaji Shinji, Momma Koichi. Geological background of new mineral 'chibaite'. Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan. 2011. 2011. 0. 396-396
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