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Nishio Hidenori

ニシオ ヒデノリ | Nishio Hidenori
Affiliation and department:
Papers (26):
  • Nishio H, Iwatsuki S, Takada H, Kobayashi T, Mizuno K, Okada A, Umemoto Y, Yasui T. Scrotal abscess mimicking as intrascrotal liposarcoma. Urology case reports. 2019. 23. 62-64
  • Kojima Y, Koguchi T, Mizuno K, Sato Y, Hoshi S, Hata J, Nishio H, Hashimoto D, Matsushita S, Suzuki K, Miyagawa S, Hui CC, Tanikawa C, Murakami Y, Yamada G, Hayashi Y, Matsuda K. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of HAAO and IRX6 Genes as Risk Factors for Hypospadias. The Journal of urology. 2019. 201. 2. 386-392
  • Mizuno K, Kojima Y, Nishio H, Hoshi S, Sato Y, Hayashi Y. Robotic surgery in pediatric urology: Current status. Asian journal of endoscopic surgery. 2018. 11. 4. 308-317
  • Kato T, Mizuno K, Naiki T, Nishio H, Iida K, Moritoki Y, Ando R, Okada A, Yasui T, Hayashi Y. Urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder in a 12-year-old girl: A case report with immunohistological analysis and a review of the literature. Urology case reports. 2018. 17. 29-31
  • Kato T, Mizuno K, Nishio H, Moritoki Y, Nakane A, Kurokawa S, Kamisawa H, Maruyama T, Yasui T, Hayashi Y. Can lichen sclerosus be diagnosed by preputial appearance or symptoms?. Research and reports in urology. 2018. 10. 89-94
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