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Chikako Nakama

Chikako Nakama
Affiliation and department:
Other affiliations (1):
  • 大阪国際がんセンター  がん対策センター 疫学統計部   特別研究員
Research field  (2): Cardiology ,  Hygiene and public health (non-laboratory)
Research keywords  (6): 生活習慣病 ,  喫煙 ,  行動科学 ,  環境医学 ,  老年医学 ,  循環器疾患
Papers (21):
  • Katsuyasu Kouda, Yuki Fujita, Kumiko Ohara, Harunobu Nakamura, Munkhjargal Dorjravdan, Chikako Nakama, Toshimasa Nishiyama, Masayuki Iki. Body weight at 1.5- and 3-year health checks and body fat at 14 years of age: a population-based retrospective cohort study using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Journal of physiological anthropology. 2022. 41. 1. 21-21
  • Atsushi Mizukoshi, Sachiko Hojo, Yoshiyuki Kuroiwa, Kenichi Azuma, Chikako Nakama, Jiro Okumura. International common questionnaire as an epidemiological tool for assessing environmental sensitivity. 2022. 59. 1-9
  • Chikako Nakama, Takahiro Tabuchi. Use of heated tobacco products by people with chronic diseases: The 2019 JASTIS study. PLOS ONE. 2021. 16. 11. e0260154-e0260154
  • Yuki Fujita, Katsuyasu Kouda, Kumiko Ohara, Harunobu Nakamura, Chikako Nakama, Toshimasa Nishiyama, Masayuki Iki. Infant weight gain and DXA-measured adolescent adiposity: data from the Japan Kids Body-composition Study. Journal of physiological anthropology. 2021. 40. 1. 10-10
  • Munkhjargal Dorjravdan, Katsuyasu Kouda, Tsolmon Boldoo, Naranzul Dambaa, Tugsdelger Sovd, Chikako Nakama, Toshimasa Nishiyama. Association between household solid fuel use and tuberculosis: cross-sectional data from the Mongolian National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey. Environmental health and preventive medicine. 2021. 26. 1. 76-76
MISC (1):
  • 龍野 洋慶, 神出 計, 中間 千香子, 樺山 舞, 小黒 亮輔, 横山 世理奈, 武田 昌生, 伊東 範尚, 鷹見 洋一, 竹屋 美幸, et al. 高齢期における動脈硬化進展リスクの検討 SONIC研究3年間の追跡調査からの知見. 日本高血圧学会総会プログラム・抄録集. 2015. 38回. 451-451
Lectures and oral presentations  (92):
  • Relation between Skeletal Muscle Mass and Cognitive Function in Community-Dwelling Elderly Men: Cross-sectional analyses of Fujiwara-kyo Osteoporosis Risk in Men (FORMEN) Study
  • Gender disparity in tuberculosis and its risk factors: cross-sectional data from the Mongolian National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey
    (4th International online conference 'Seeking Ways to Eliminate Tuberculosis in Asia' 2021)
  • 慢性疾患患者の加熱式タバコの使用実態について
    (第15回大阪疫学ネットワーク 2021)
  • 検疫業務に課せられた、今後の期待と責務について
    (第79回日本公衆衛生学会総会 2020)
  • 新型コロナウイルスの多経路曝露からの感染リスクのモデリング
    (第61回 大気環境学会年会室内環境分科会 2020)
Education (3):
  • 2017 - 2019 University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health Epidemiology
  • 2011 - 2015 Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Department of Geriatric Medicine and Nephrology
  • 2001 - 2007 Saga University Department of Medicine
Work history (2):
  • 2021/04 - 現在 関西医科大学 衛生・公衆衛生学講座 助教
  • 2019/07 - 2021/03 Kindai University Faculty of Medicine
Awards (6):
  • 2014/11 - 公益財団法人 長寿科学振興財団 長寿科学関連国際学会派遣事業助成 Impact of Diabetes and HbA1c Levels on Cognitive Dysfunction in Japanese Old Subjects - SONIC Study
  • 2014/10 - 第37回日本高血圧学会総会 トラベルグラント 高齢者における高血圧とフレイルとの関連 - SONIC研究
  • 2013/11 - IAGG 4th Master Class on Aging Poster Award Gender differences of metabolic syndrome in the progression of atherosclerosis in Japanese old subjects - SONIC study
  • 2012/09 - The 24th Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension Travel Grant Effect of aging on various confirmatory tests and adrenal vein sampling for primary aldosteronism diagnosis / Influence of aging on the screening test of primary aldosteronism diagnosis
  • 2012/09 - ISH New Investigators' Symposium Most Innovative Study Award
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