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Koudounas Sofoklis

Koudounas Sofoklis
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Gerontological and community health nursing
Research keywords  (3): Inflammatory conditions ,  Skin Health ,  Incontinence-associated dermatitis
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2019 - 2021 Incontinence-associated dermatitis by infected urine: biological mechanisms and prevention strategies
Papers (9):
  • Sofoklis Koudounas, Dan L Bader, David Voegeli. Investigating the release of inflammatory cytokines in a human model of incontinence-associated dermatitis. Journal of tissue viability. 2021. 30. 3. 427-433
  • Wei-Jhen Hsu, Takeo Minematsu, Gojiro Nakagami, Sofoklis Koudounas, Sanai Tomida, Ayano Nakai, Mao Kunimitsu, Shiori Nitta, Hiromi Sanada. Identification of microRNAs responsive to shear loading in rat skin. International wound journal. 2021
  • Yuko Mugita, Sofoklis Koudounas, Gojiro Nakagami, Carolina Weller, Hiromi Sanada. Assessing absorbent products' effectiveness for the prevention and management of incontinence-associated dermatitis caused by urinary, faecal or double adult incontinence: A systematic review. Journal of tissue viability. 2021
  • Sofoklis Koudounas, Yuko Mugita, Takeo Minematsu, Gojiro Nakagami, Carolina Weller, Hiromi Sanada. Does the presence of bacterial urinary infection contribute to the development of incontinence-associated dermatitis? A scoping review. Journal of Tissue Viability. 2021
  • Sofoklis Koudounas, Dan L Bader, David Voegeli. Elevated Skin pH Is Associated With an Increased Permeability to Synthetic Urine. Journal of wound, ostomy, and continence nursing : official publication of The Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society. 2020. 48. 1. 61-67
MISC (5):
  • 國光 真生, 仲上 豪二朗, 北村 言, 峰松 健夫, Koudounas Sofoklis, 大貝 和裕, 須釜 淳子, 高田 千嘉, 真田 弘美. 褥瘡患者における寝床環境の細菌叢多様性の継時的変化(Temporal changes in the diversity and composition of the bed microbiota of patients with pressure ulcers). 日本創傷・オストミー・失禁管理学会誌. 2020. 24. 4. 366-378
  • 峰松 健夫, 塚谷 才弘, 冨田 早苗, Koudounas Sofoklis, 臺 美佐子, 大貝 和裕, 須釜 淳子, 真田 弘美. 日本人高齢者における褥瘡の保有に関連する一塩基多型の探索. 日本創傷治癒学会プログラム・抄録集. 2020. 50回. 81-81
  • Sofoklis Koudounas, Takeo Minematsu, Gojiro Nakagami, Yuko Mugita, Sanai Tomida, Hiromi Sanada. The effect of urine on bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections: An in vitro investigation. WOUND REPAIR AND REGENERATION. 2020. 28. S55-S55
  • Takeo Minematsu, Toshihiro Tsukatani, Sanai Tomida, Sofoklis Koudounas, Misako Dai, Kazuhiro Ogai, Junko Sugama, Hiromi Sanada. Single nucleotide polymorphisms of VEGFC and HIF1A are associated with pressure ulcers in older Japanese patients. WOUND REPAIR AND REGENERATION. 2020. 28. S48-S48
  • Koudounas Sofoklis, Minematsu Takeo, Nakagamil Gojiro, Mugita Yuko, Tomida Sanai, Sanada Hiromi. 尿が細菌増殖に与える影響 失禁関連皮膚炎発症との関係(The effects of urine on bacterial growth: Implications in the development of incontinence-associated dermatitis). 日本創傷治癒学会プログラム・抄録集. 2019. 49回. 93-93
Lectures and oral presentations  (3):
  • The inflammatory response in IAD
    (EPUAP Annual Meeting 2018)
  • The permeability of intact and compromised skin to synthetic-urine
    (EPUAP Annual Meeting 2017)
  • Effect of surface liquid pH on the functional characteristics of healthy skin
    (EPUAP focus meeting 2016)
Education (4):
  • 2013 - 2018 University of Southampton PhD in Health Sciences
  • 2012 - 2013 Cardiff University MSc in Tissue Engineering
  • 2009 - 2010 Lancaster University MSc in Biomedicine
  • 2006 - 2009 Lancaster University BSc (Hons) Biomedicine
Professional career (4):
  • PhD in Health Sciences (University of Southampton)
  • MSc in Tissue Engineering (Cardiff University)
  • MSc in Biomedicine (Lancaster University)
  • BSc (Hons) in Cell Biology with Biomedicine (Lancaster University)
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