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Fujimura Naofumi

フジムラ ナオフミ | Fujimura Naofumi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Papers (12):
  • FUJIMURA NAOFUMI. “Running Multiple Candidates, Dividing the Vote under the Single NonTransferable Vote System: Evidence from Japan’s Upper House Elections. Asian Policy and Politics. 2017. 9. 3. 402-426
  • FUJIMURA Naofumi. 政党の選挙戦略と党内の資源配分: 内閣総理大臣による選挙期間中の候補者訪問. 年報政治学. 2016. 2016. II. 99-119
  • FUJIMURA NAOFUMI. Re-election Isn’t Everything: Legislators’ Goal-Seeking and Committee Activity in Japan. Journal of Legislative Studies. 2016. 22. 2. 153-174
  • FUJIMURA NAOFUMI. The Influence of Electoral Institutions on Legislative Representation: Evidence from Japan’s Single Non-Transferable Vote and Single-Member District Systems. Party Politics. 2015. 21. 2. 209-221
  • SASADA Hironori, FUJIMURA Naofumi, MACHIDORI Satoshi. Alternative Paths to Party Polarization: External Impact of Intraparty Organization in Japan. Journal of East Asian Studies. 2013. 13. 3. 409-441
Books (3):
  • 日本政治の第一歩
    有斐閣 2018
  • Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance
    Springer 2018
  • 選挙ガバナンスの実態 日本編 「公正・公平」を目指す制度運用とその課題
    ミネルヴァ書房 2018
Lectures and oral presentations  (12):
  • Post Assignments and Party Discipline: The Analysis of Roll Call Voting on the Postal Service Privatization Act of 2005 and the Consumption Tax Act of 2012
    (IPSA World Congress of Political Science 2018)
  • Malapportionment, Redistricting, and Political Participation: Evidence from Japan
    (General Conference of the European Consortium of Political Research 2017)
  • Party Unity and Resource Allocation
    (European Consortium for Political Research, Standing Group on Parliaments 2016)
  • The Mechanism behind Party Unity: Prime Ministerial Campaign Visits in Japan’s Lower House Elections
    (日本比較政治学会 2016)
  • The Role of the Prime Minister in Legislation and Elections: Evidence from Japan
    (Southern Political Science Association 2016)
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