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Naito Daisuke

Naito Daisuke
Papers (3):
  • Hayasaka Hiroshi, Yamazaki Koji, Naito Daisuke. Weather Conditions and Warm Air Masses in Southern Sakha During Active Forest Fire Periods. JOURNAL OF DISASTER RESEARCH. 2019. 14. 4. 641-648
  • Wong Grace Yee, Luttrell Cecilia, Loft Lasse, Yang Anastasia, Thuy Thu Pham, Naito Daisuke, Assembe-Mvondo Samuel, Brockhaus Maria. Narratives in REDD plus benefit sharing: examining evidence within and beyond the forest sector. CLIMATE POLICY. 2019
  • Jaung Wanggi, Putzel Louis, Naito Daisuke. Can ecosystem services certification enhance brand competitiveness of certified products?. SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION. 2019. 18. 53-62
MISC (5):
  • Naito Daisuke. Changing Forest Landscape and Local Communities in Sabah, Malaysia. Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. 2014. 52. 1. 3-21
  • 内藤 大輔. Book Reviews : Kentaro Kanaziwa, The Political Ecology of Tropical Rain Forests : Indigenous Peoples, Resources and Globalization (in Japanese). アジア経済 = Quarterly journal of Institute of Developing Economies Japan External Trade Organization. 2013. 54. 4. 180-183
  • NAITO Daisuke. Implementation of Forest Certification and Its Effects on the Indigenous Community : The Analysis of Certification Reports of FSC Certified Forest in Sabah, Malaysia. Journal of Forest Economics. 2010. 56. 2. 13-22
  • Naito Daisuke. Implementation of Forest Certification in Sabah, Malaysia.:-Focus on Social Dimensions-. The Japanese Forest Society Congress. 2008. 119. 0. 314-314
  • Naito Daisuke. Changes of Local Community Involvement in Forestry, Kinabatangan river, Sabah, Malaysia. The Japanese Forest Society Congress. 2007. 118. 0. 251-251
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