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Mohamed Eman

モハメド イマン | Mohamed Eman
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Synthetic organic chemistry
Research keywords  (4): Molecular catalysis ,  Artificial Photosynthesies ,  Water oxidation ,  CO2 reduction
Papers (28):
  • Yuta Tsubonouchi, Taichi Hayasaka, Yuki Wakai, Eman. A. Mohamed, Zaki N. Zahran, Masayuki Yagi. Highly Efficient and Durable Electrocatalysis by a Molecular Catalyst with Long Alkoxyl Chains Immobilized on a Carbon Electrode for Water Oxidation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2022
  • Zaki N. Zahran, Eman A. Mohamed, Tomohiro Katsuki, Yuta Tsubonouchi, Masayuki Yagi. Nickel Sulfate as an Influential Precursor of Amorphous High-Valent Ni(III) Oxides for Efficient Water Oxidation in Preparation via a Mixed Metal-Imidazole Casting Method. ACS Applied Energy Materials. 2022
  • Yuki Tanahashi, Kosuke Takahashi, Yuta Tsubonouchi, Shunsuke Nozawa, Shin-ichi Adachi, Masanari Hirahara, Eman A. Mohamed, Zaki N. Zahran, Kenji Saito, Tatsuto Yui, et al. Mechanism of H+ dissociation-induced O-O bond formation via intramolecular coupling of vicinal hydroxo ligands on low-valent Ru(III) centers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2021. 118. 52. e2113910118-e2113910118
  • Yuta Tsubonouchi, Eman A. Mohamed, Zaki N. Zahran, Masayuki Yagi. Mechanisms of Photoisomerization and Water Oxidation Catalysis of Ruthenium(II) Aquo Complexes. Ruthenium - an Element Loved by Researchers [Working Title]. 2021
  • Tomohiro Katsuki, Zaki N. Zahran, Kou Tanaka, Tatsuya Eo, Eman A. Mohamed, Yuta Tsubonouchi, Mohamed R. Berber, Masayuki Yagi. Facile Fabrication of a Highly Crystalline and Well-Interconnected Hematite Nanoparticle Photoanode for Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Water Oxidation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2021. 13. 33. 39282-39290
Books (2):
  • Water oxidation using molecular photocatalysts
    springer 2019
  • Photoisomerization causes, behavior and effects”
    NOVA 2019
Lectures and oral presentations  (10):
  • Immobilization of Fe porphyrin dimers for efficient CO2 to CO heterogeneous conversion
    (The 96th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan 2016)
  • Catalytic CO2 to CO conversion by Fe porphyrin dimers Mechanistic and Kinetic Studies
    (The 96th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan 2016)
  • Immobilization of the Iron porphyrin dimers on a FTO electrode for efficient heterogeneous electrocatalytic CO2 reduction
    (ICARP2014 2014)
  • Superiority of cofacial Iron porphyrin dimers over the corresponding monomers for electro-catalytic CO2 reduction
    (ICARP2014 2014)
  • Efficient CO2 reduction with FTO/Iron porphyrin dimer heterogeneous catalysts
    (The 64th Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry Symposium 2014)
Education (1):
  • 2011 - 2015 Kyushu University-Faculty of Science Doctor course
Work history (1):
  • 2019/10 - 現在 Niigata University faculty of engineering Department of material science and technology Assistant professor
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